Daniel J Allcock

Department of Mathematics

Group theory, Lie theory, Algebraic Geometry

Phone: 512-471-1120

Office Location
RLM 8.100

Postal Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences
1 University Station C1200
Austin, TX 78712

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (1996)

Research Interests
Group theory, Lie theory, algebraic geometry.

All papers are available electronically at An asterisk (*) indicates an acceptance/publication in the last year, or a submitted paper.

*[37] Root systems for Lorentzian Kac-Moody algebras in rank 3 submitted 2012

*[36] Re ection centralizers in Coxeter groups submitted 2011

*[35] Completions, branched covers, Artin groups and Singularity Theory submitted 2011

*[34] The densest lattices in PGL3(Q2) submitted 2011 (joint with Fumiharu Kato)

*[33] Normalizers of parabolic subgroups of Coxeter groups submitted 2011

*[32] The re ective Lorentzian lattices of rank 3 Memoirs of the A.M.S., 2012

*[31] Triangles of Baumslag-Solitar groups Canad. J. Math. 64 (2012) 241-253

[30] Monodromy groups of Hurwitz-type problems Advances in Math. 225 (2010) 69{80. (joint with Chris Hall)

[29] A Banach Space determined by the Weil height Acta Arithmetica 136 (2009), 279{298 (joint with Je rey Vaaler)

[28] On the Y555 complex re ection group J. Alg. 322 (2009) 1454{1465

[27] A new approach to rank one linear algebraic groups J. Alg. 321 (2009) 2540-2544

[26] A monstrous proposal in Groups and Symmetries, eds. J. Harnad, P. Winternitz, CRM Proceedings and Lec. Notes 47 (2009) 17{24

[25] The moduli space of cubic threefolds as a ball quotient Memoirs of the A.M.S. 209 (2011) no. 985, xii+70 pp. (joint with James Carlson and Domingo Toledo)

[24] Complex hyperbolic geometry and the monster simple group (conjectural) Oberwolfach Reports 5 Issue 4, 2008, pp. 2586-2588

  • 2012 Fellow of the American Mathematical Society
  • 2010 J.S.P.S. Fellowship
  • 2010 Research Scholar, Clay Math Institute
  • 2005-2007 President's Associates Centennial Teaching Fellowship, U.T. Austin
  • 2004 Educational Advancement Foundation
  • 2001 Certi cate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University
  • 1996-1999 National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship