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Jennifer S Brodbelt

Department Chair, Chemistry, Professor
College of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry

Larry R. Faulkner Departmental Chair for Excellence in Chemistry and Biochemistry | Rowland Pettit Centennial Chair in Chemistry | Department of Chemistry Excellence Endowment | William H. Wade Administrative Endowment in Chemistry and Biochemistry


Phone: 512-471-0028

Office Location
WEL 3.424

Postal Address
105 E 24TH ST
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Postdoctoral Studies - University of California at Santa Barbara

Ph.D., Purdue University
B.S., University of Virginia


Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry

The Brodbelt group focuses on the development of ion trap mass spectrometry for a variety of interdisciplinary applications. Research efforts involve a number of aims: A) development of photodissociation methods for characterization of peptides, proteins, and lipids, B) exploration of derivatization methods to enhance the ionization and dissociation of molecules, C) design of new chemical probes to evaluate protein-ligand interactions.

Photodissociation For Analysis Of Biological Molecules

Solving the most challenging biological problems requires advanced analytical strategies for characterizing complex mixtures of biomolecules. We are developing ultraviolet photodissociation methods to unravel the structures of biological molecules. UV photodissociation is a fast, high energy activation method, and it results in rich fragmentation patterns that serve as molecular fingerprints. This methodology is applied to elucidate the sequences and modifications of proteins as well as lipopolysaccharides that decorate the surfaces of bacteria.

Derivatization Methods

Derivatization strategies provide the opportunity to modulate the chemical properties of molecules, ranging from hydrophobicity and basicity to volatility and ionizability. We are developing site-specific derivatization methods to attach charge sites and to append chromophores to molecules to control how peptides ionize and dissociate in the gas phase. UV photodissociation can be used to pinpoint chromophore-tagged molecules in complex mixtures and yield fragmentation patterns amenable to sequencing algorithms.

Chemical Probes

Determination of the correlation between protein structure and function remains a primary objective of biological research, thus motivating the development of advanced analytical tools for unraveling the three dimensional structures of proteins. We are developing an array of site-selective chemical probes that can be used to elucidate protein structure based on the accessibility or exposure of specific protein sites. This methodology is combined with photodissociation to provide detailed conformational maps of proteins.

Representative Publications

Cotham, V.C., Wine, Y., Brodbelt, J.S., “Selective 351 nm Photodissociation of Cysteine-Containing Peptides for Improved Sequencing of Antigen-Binding Regions of IgG Fragments in Bottom-Up LC-MS/MS Workflows” Anal Chem., 2013, 85, 5577-5585.

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