Sophomores, Juniors, and Transfer students are encouraged to apply for Summer.


Inspired by the success of the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI), the Accelerated Research Initiative (ARI) Summer Start was launched in summer 2012 to offer upper division CNS students who did not participate in FRI the opportunity to participate in research on campus. Transfer students are also eligible for the ARI program.


  • CNS sophomores and juniors who did not participate in FRI
  • Transfer students who have been accepted to CNS 

Former FRI students are not eligible to apply for FRI Summer Start.


Program Overview

Summer: Students join one of the Research Streams for a 6-8 week unpaid research internship. Placement is based on students’ interest and availability of spots. During the summer term and with the guidance of the research educator, students may seek other research positions for the following fall semester.

Fall: Participants in ARI have two options:

  1. With the consent of their Research Educator, ARI students can enroll in one of their Research Stream's fall course offerings.
  2. Join a faculty research lab on campus.  For more help with this, contact the ARI co-ordinator, Dr. Tony Gonzalez at



The ARI Application will be available on February 28, 2017 and the deadline for submission is April 21, 2017. Placement notifications will be sent out by (updated date) Friday, May 5, 2017. To submit an application:

  • Complete the online application (will be posted in February 2017)
  • Have a recommendation sent via email to Dr. Tony Gonzalez at


For more information or if you have any questions, please email to Dr. Tony Gonzalez at or e-mail Dr. Stacia Rodenbusch at