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The University awards diplomas three times in the academic year: December, May, and August. All students must apply online to graduate in order to receive their diploma. The online application generally opens a few weeks after the semester starts and closes on the mid-semester deadline (same as the Q-drop deadline).

The College of Natural Sciences graduation ceremony is celebrated only in the spring semester for graduates and candidates of that acadmic year (past fall, current spring, and future summer). Participation in the graduation ceremony ("walking") is optional. Alumni who earned their undergraduate degrees in a fall semester or future graduation candidates who plan to graduate in the summer semester may apply to walk in the spring ceremony. These applications are approved pending space limitations.

For more information on graduation ceremonies, applications, and application results, click here.




How/when do I apply for graduation?

Students apply here for graduation during their final semester at UT before the mid-semester deadline (same as the Q-drop deadline). The graduation application for each semester usually becomes available a few weeks after the semester begins.


How do I know if I’ve met all of my degree requirements in order to graduate?

You should run a degree audit before and after every registration period and after changing your registration (e.g., after adding/dropping courses, using a Q drop, switching a course to pass/fail, or not passing a course). Once your degree audit reaches 100%, including any minors/certificates you intend to complete and with future courses, you are able to graduate. Remember, running an audit with your intended minor/certificate does NOT mean that you have applied for the minor/certificate or that it is attached to your degree profile. Check with your advisor if you are unsure of whether or not your minor/certificate is attached.


Can I participate in graduation ceremonies if I’m taking my final classes over the summer?

Students who have 12 credit hours or less remaining during the Summer can apply to participate (“walk”) in the May ceremony. Students should complete the Walk Application during the spring semester, and then complete the actual Graduation Application by the summer application deadline. Students completing their UT degree requirements at another institution must apply to graduate “In Absentia.”

***Note for Spring 2021 Graduates: You must complete both the application to walk or graduate and register to participate in graduate recognition moments if you wish to be recognized individually by the College of Natural Sciences (i.e., have your name read, have an opportunity to cross the stage, etc.) ***


Can I participate in the May ceremony if I graduated the previous semester?

If you graduated in a fall semester, you may participate in the following spring’s ceremony (pending space in the ceremony). There is no fall graduation ceremony. You will apply to graduate in the fall semester and apply separately to walk in the spring.

As noted above, in Spring 2021, you must both apply to graduate/walk and also register for graduate recognition moments if you wish to be individually recognized.