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University of Texas at Austin
Women in Natural Sciences
1 University Station, G2500
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WINS Program Coordinator:
Elizabeth Morgan
(512) 232-1062
PAI 5.60

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How to Apply
First-Year WINS Application deadline: 

April 17



Can I participate in WINS and other special programs? 

Students accepted into University Leadership Network (ULN) and/or the Freshmen Research Initiative (FRI) may still apply and be considered for WINS. 

In order to give every CNS student a small community experience, however, students will not be accepted to more than one small community program. If you have already ACCEPTED a seat in any of the following, please do not apply to Women in Natural Sciences (WINS):


  • TIP Scholars, Plan II Honors, Liberal Arts Honors, Biology Scholars Program, Gateway Scholars, Jefferson Scholars, or any CNS Honors program (Dean's Scholars, Health Science Scholars, Polymathic Scholars, Turing Scholars, or Human Ecology Honors). 

If you applied to one of the above programs, but have not received a decision about your acceptance, feel free to apply to WINS with the understanding that, if accepted to both, you will have choose one community to join.


What majors can apply for WINS?

Disciplines include astronomy, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, marine science, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, and public health.

Please visit the Environmental Science Major site and departments of Human Ecology and Computer Science for more information on opportunities within those majors.


How do I apply for WINS?

Students admitted to The University of Texas at Austin who qualify for this program are sent a letter of invitation during the final months of their senior year in high school (usually by mid-March). If you wish to apply and did not receive a letter, please visit How to Apply for more information.


Will participation in WINS affect a scholarship award?

No, participation in WINS will not affect a scholarship award.


Is WINS a student organization?

No. WINS is not a membership-driven student organization. WINS is a departmental program that invites high-achieving high school students to apply in the spring of their senior year.  Once admitted, students have the opportunity to continue participating in WINS throughout their college career. Please visit How to Apply for more information.


Is WINS open to current students?

No, unfortunately WINS is only able to offer support to incoming students at this time. We recommend connecting with one of our many different CNS student organizations or one of the women-focused organizations on campus for opportunities for current students.


What are the requirements of participation in WINS?

All students participating in WINS must be accepted into the program then plan to attend a welcome meeting during summer orientation. Students are also expected to remain active in WINS activities throughout the fall and spring semesters to continue with the program.


Can I participate in WINS and not reside in Kinsolving?

WINS has 2 different program tracks. Those who apply and are accepted into the WINS Residential Program are expected to live in the WINS Wing in Kinsolving. However, if you are interested in WINS, but do not wish to participate in this track, then you are encouraged to just apply for the WINS Non-Residential Track. Each application will be considered based upon the student’s ranking of the program tracks.

In addition, upperclassmen in the WINS Residential Program have no living requirements; although, many meet their future roommates during their first year in the program.


If I do live in Kinsolving with the Residential Program, do I have to live with another WINS student?

No. If you are planning to participate in the WINS Residential Program, you have the option of requesting to live with another WINS student but this is not a requirement.  If you already have plans to room with someone else, this is no problem and you would select them as your preferred roommate through the Division of Housing and Food Services (DHFS).


If I am applying for the WINS Residential Program, should I select Kinsolving as my first choice for housing?

Your first preference should be the residence hall you would like to live in if not selected for WINS.  As long as you reflect in your WINS Residential application that you would like to live in Kinsolving if accepted, then we will consider that your preference.  If selected for the WINS Residential Program, we will work with DHFS to place the participants appropriately.