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Chacon, Adrianne
Adrianne Y Chacon-Posey
CNS Honors Center Scholarship Coordinator

Adrianne manages scholarships for current and future CNS undergraduates, provides support for national awards and tracks student excellence.
Hemenway, Mark
Mark J Hemenway
Senior Academic Advisor

Mark is the academic advisor for Dean's Scholars and Health Science Scholars.
Marchione, Mollie
Mollie T Marchione
Lecturer, Polymathic Scholars Program Coordinator

Mollie advises Polymaths, guides them through the process of designing and proposing a field of study, and assists with thesis evaluation.
Madison Searle
Director for College of Natural Sciences Honors Center, Lecturer

Madison administers honors admissions and recruitment for Dean's Scholars, Health Science Scholars, and Polymathic Scholars.
Wilcox, Rebecca
Rebecca A Wilcox
Clinical Assistant Professor

Rebecca teaches thesis classes for Polymathic Scholars and Health Science Scholars. She also advises Polymaths.