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The Evidence and Inquiry certificate, similar to a minor, allows students to design a field of study shaped by interests beyond their majors. After taking coursework related to this field, students write a Capstone thesis presenting their work and original conclusions. Once completed, the Evidence and Inquiry certificate is listed on a student's transcript.

Students outside the Polymathic Scholars honors community and the College of Natural Sciences may also apply to pursue the Evidence and Inquiry certificate. Those interested should schedule a meeting with CNS Honors & Scholarships Director Madison Searle (madisonsearle@austin.utexas.edu) before applying, no later than the end of their third semester of post-secondary work, directly at the Polymathic website.

Evidence and Inquiry Certificate

Required Coursework: 22 hours total

Foundational Courses (4 hours)
UGS 303: Originality in the Arts and Sciences (or approved substitution)
NSC 109, Topic 4: Polymathic Capstone Field Invention

Capstone Field Courses (12 hours)
A minimum of 12 hours and 4 courses, representing at least 2 academic departments, from the student’s approved Capstone field of study. At least 6 hours must be upper-division.

Capstone Thesis Courses (6 hours)
NSC 323, Topic 1: Polymathic Capstone Thesis Preparation Seminar (fall)
NSC 371: Capstone Thesis Seminar (spring)

Policies & Procedures

  • All BSA honors students in the Polymathic Scholars program pursue the Evidence and Inquiry certificate. For others, application for admission and interview are required. Students must apply no later than the end of their third long semester (typically the fall of their sophomore year).
  • Minimum of 11 hours must be completed in residence
  • All coursework must be completed with a grade of C- or better unless the course is offered only on a pass/fail basis

Evidence and Inquiry certificate, 2018-2020 Catalog

Evidence And Inquiry certificate, 2016-2018 Catalog 

Evidence and Inquiry Certificate, 2014-2016 Catalog