Get ready for something totally different!

Commencement-2007 17123The college awards diplomas three times in the academic year:  December, May, and August. All students completing their coursework must apply to graduate online in order to receive their diplomas.

College ceremonies are celebrated in the fall and spring semesters. Participation is optional. Summer graduates can ask to participate in the preceding spring or following fall ceremony.

The Spring 2014 graduation application deadline is March 31, 2014, by 5 pm. In absentia (not enrolled in residence) candidates should apply at least a week in advance of the deadline to ensure that all documents and payments arrive in time.

Please review your Degree Audit before applying to graduate. In the graduation application, you will be asked to indicate how remaining degree requirements will be satisfied.

To receive your degree in May 2014, the following forms are required:

  1. Graduation Application (link will be enabled as of January 21st)
  2. Graduation Assessment (linked directly from the graduation application after submission)
  3. Graduation Career Services Survey (link emailed to candidates beginning in early-April)

IMPORTANT:  If you applied to graduate, DO NOT apply to walk. Walk applications are only for students WHO ARE NOT GRADUATING in May 2014. 

To walk in the college ceremony without receiving your degree, apply to walk:

  1.  Walk Application (note: you MUST apply to graduate when completing your degree to receive your diploma)