WINS is a program at the College of Natural Sciences designed to promote the recruitment, retention, and success of women throughout the College by creating a supportive and encouraging environment for women in the study of science throughout their lives.

WINS students, on average, have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate from the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) than their male and non-WINS female counterparts. They are well-positioned to continue their education beyond their years in CNS based on their participation in undergraduate research.

WINS participants receive: guaranteed seats in popular first-year science course sections with private registration assistance from a dedicated WINS advisor; enrollment in an exclusive one-hour Women in Science seminar (NSC 115) during the fall semester; and have automatic acceptance into the Freshman Research Initiative. These students are paired with a mentor who helps with the transition to college life. They also have access to a program coordinator and WINS faculty members for additional advice and support.

To support our WINS students or for more information about the program, please call the College of Natural Sciences Office of External Relations at 512-471-3299, or email