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Student Records assists students, faculty, and staff with questions about petitions, grade changes, and graduation applications for Natural Sciences undergraduates.

Online Petition System

All petitions to modify degree requirements or approve concurrent enrollment must be submitted through the college's online petition system. Please contact CNS Student Records (512) 232-9283 if you have any questions.

Petitions to the University Core

Petitions regarding core curriculum are handled by the College of Undergraduate Studies (UGS). You can obtain more information about the petition process here.

Grade Changes Online

The Office of the Registrar developed an online grade change submission for faculty. Please note, until you reach a screen where you are given a "tracking number," the grade change is not yet submitted.

Other Services for Students

  • NCAA Progress Toward Degree forms
  • Veteran Certification Letters in support of the Registrar's Office
  • Graduation Candidate Services:  verification of graduation or senior letter; full-time enrollment status for half-time enrollment; tuition rebate verification; b-on-time loan forgiveness verification.



email: ns.student.records@austin.utexas.edu
phone: (512) 232-9283