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What is TEJAS?

TEJAS -- which stands for Texas Excellence in Jobs And Services -- is a program designed to make undergraduate research more accessible and equitable to CNS undergraduate students, especially for individuals from low-income backgrounds. TEJAS also focuses on providing students with professional skills and development in preparation for careers in STEM with a strong focus on striving for diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM. We achieve this by supporting students in finding research opportunities, offering financial support for doing research, and working side by side with students as they explore and develop as a future STEM professional.

TEJAS has grown into a community of College of Natural Sciences (CNS) undergraduate students that represent many STEM disciplines and are from across all stages of a college career. Everyone in the TEJAS community brings their own unique backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and interests to collectively create a rich and diverse group of individuals into a common space where they can share, learn and grow together. Students in the TEJAS community engage in a variety of scientific research experiences, and leverage these experiences to explore and develop their professionalism.

TEJAS Application Now Open!

Please ensure you have THIS information prepared in advanced of applying.

We are preparing to recruit students for our Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 cohort. For more information on TEJAS such as eligibility criteria and how to apply, please read the sections below.


Come to the TIDES Facilitated Discussions if you want to engage with colleagues to share ideas, ask questions, and hear practical solutions about specific topics in teaching online. Topics are chosen based on input from faculty who will be teaching in Fall 2020.

To participate in any of these discussions, RSVP to obtain a Zoom URL.




When is it?

 The resources below are from Summer 2020, when we were preparing to teach online in Fall 2021. Fall 2021 has its own set of unique challenges. A set a resources focused designing courses for student success is is available for asynchronous use and is found HERE

What is involved?

We are aware that there is a lot going on right now and that being ready to teach your class online this fall might seem like a heavy lift. Therefore, this iteration of the Course Design Institute will serve as a guided tour of resources available to help you make students excited to learn and interact in your online course. It will give you opportunities to share ideas with colleagues and point you to specific places to get you the answers you need to be ready in the fall.

You will do some work independently each week and then come together to share ideas and give each other feedback. Click on each tab to find out what you should do each week.