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There are numerous scholarships for UT students.  Here is some information regarding eligibility and application processes:

1) College of Natural Sciences: for all majors, from the Dean's Office. Adrianne Chacon-Posey is the Scholarship Coordinator for the college. She is in Painter Hall, room 5.72A, 232-1631. Most scholarship deadlines are in early April. They will require a recommendation letter from a faculty member.


2) Academic Departments: These are by nomination from your professors or by departmental screening for students with certain qualifications, such as hours taken, grades in certain classes, etc. Research in an on-campus lab is a plus. Be prepared with an up to date resume and professors willing to write a strong letter of recommendation. The amounts vary. Deadlines are throughout the year, depending on the particular scholarship.

3) Texas Exes: Lots and lots of money, majors from across the university may apply. Please note that in order to be considered for Texas Exes Scholarships, you must select “Texas Exes Scholarships” under “Scholarship Choices” in the scholarship application. You will also then need to enter the specific code for each scholarship you wish to apply for. Those codes, and descriptions of all Texas Exes Scholarships for Current Students, can be found by visiting the Named Scholarship section of the Texas Exes website. You’ll want to look at both “Specific Scholarships for Current Students” and “General Scholarships for Current Students.” The deadline is usually March 1. The UT Austin Continuing Scholarship deadline is usually April 1.


4) Study Abroad: If you intend to go abroad, keep this site in mind and check the dates frequently! Funds are available from UT as well as from off-campus sources, for general study and by specific country.



5) Health Professions Office: For all majors, not necessarily declared Pre-med. Read each description to see if you are eligible. Not all programs are paid – look for “fellowships”


6) University Co-Op Undergrad Research Fellowships: For undergrads doing research, can pay for attending a meeting or conference with your lab. Applications are due in Fall and Spring.  Award is $1000 to go into an account that your department can access when your lab wants to use the money. If you do research, there is a lot of money here to support undergrad research, and imagine that you could tell grad/med schools that you personally wrote a proposal about your research and YOU got a grant! Look for ads in the Daily Texan.


7) Presidential Scholarships: The University asks advisors and professors in all majors for nominations, depending on the scholarship, so have a resume and personal statement ready in case someone asks you for them, as well as two or three professors who will write you a strong recommendation letter. The Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarship is $2500! The deadline is mid-February.


8) The Mitchell Awards from the Co-Op: The top award is $10,000, with three awards of $3,000 and three of $2,000. Usually goes to a student with outstanding research achievement, publications, etc. It is not limited to the sciences. Nomination is by faculty only. Deadline is mid-March.


9) Fulbright Programs: For graduating seniors and recent bachelor's degree reicpients are eligible to apply for grants for study, research or for English Teaching Assistant Programs. Deadlines vary depending on the program.




10) The Glenn Maloney Memorial Scholarship provides eight scholarships of $500. The deadline is mid February.


11) The Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship: provides up to $5000 for one year of study abroad with an up to $3000 additional award if study a critical need language. Students must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant. Deadlines are in the academic term prior to the start of the program.




12) The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship: provides up to $7500 per year. Students are nominated by faculty. The deadline is in January.


13) The UT Academic Counselors Association: awards $300 scholarships for UT Students who assist in advising or other academic student support services. Deadline is early March.


14) Last but not least, check out the Funding Sources on the UT Financial Aid site. You can get help filling out the FAFSA!