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PAI 3.04 
(512) 232-9358

Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science
College of Natural Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin
103 W. 24th St., G2550
Austin, TX 78712

Lynda Gonzales
Director for Student Programs

The Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science owns 55 complete poster stands (110 pieces of each component) that can be reserved by College of Natural Sciences units.  

** TIDES is no longer able to reserve poster stands to the entire University community.  The demand for poster stand rentals is more than we expected and we need to focus our resources on the College. UT Facilities Services owns a set of poster stands. Please contact them regarding availability.

If you are representing a CNS unit, you can submit the poster stand reservation form to tides@cns.utexas.edu. The reservation period must include sufficient time to pick up and return the poster stand components from the storage room at NMS, Loading Dock
(*Note: A representative from our office will meet at the NMS loading dock for you to pick up/return the poster stands.  We ask that you be sure to arrive at the NMS loading dock at the requested time(s) reflected on your reservation form, as our staff is not housed in NMS.  If you need to reschedule, please provide us with at least 24-hours notice.)

The contact person listed on the reservation is responsible for the pick-up and return of the stands. Carts for transporting poster stand components are available if you are renting 30 or more stands. When renting fewer than 30 stands please come with a cart to transport the stands to your event location. We also suggest bringing one to two individuals with you to assist with transportating the stands. UT Facilities Services can be hired to move the poster components as well. Posters are typically attached with large size binder clips that you provide.

You are responsible for arranging the transportation and scheduling the pick-up and return of the CNS Poster stands between 8:30 and 4:00 pm Monday – Friday. A $50/day fee will be assessed to unexplained late returns.

Once you receive a confirmation that your request has been accepted you can submit your rental fee, if any, in our TXShop store.  For questions please contact us at tides@cns.utexas.edu

General Information about the poster stands:

The poster stands are metal frames with no backing and are approximately 80" tall and 72" wide. One poster stand is made up of two upright poles, two horizontal bars, and two bases (the bases do not have wheels). The horizontal supports for the posters can be placed 36" apart or 42" apart. Poster sizes can vary in width but most commonly used are either 36" tall or 42" tall. The poster can be 72" wide.

Posters that are taller, say 48" can hang down below the bottom bar. To display smaller posters or pictures a larger piece of foam board can be clipped to the bars and the pictures attached to that.


Poster Stand Setup Pic