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The Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) is the nation’s largest undergraduate research program at a single institution, where first-year students experience the excitement of scientific discovery firsthand. Participants do real-world research, use cutting-lab equipment, develop technological innovations, and publish papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The end result is students who are better prepared for the future and more likely to excel in the sciences, math and technology. The following posters were created by students in FRI research streams.


How to Vote

Vote for your favorite FRI Stream Poster by texting the poster number (example: 200) to (803) 676-7859.
Note: You can only vote once for a single stream.


Click here to view the FRI STREAM POSTERS


Poster numbers are below:

Competitor ID # Stream Name
200 Aptamer Stream
201 Autonomous Robotics Stream
202 Behavioral Neuro Stream
203 Big Data in Biology Stream
204 Bioactive Molecules Stream
205 Biobricks Stream
206 Biodiversity Discovery Stream
207 Bioprospecting Stream
208 Bugs in Bugs Stream
209 Computational Materials Stream
210 Discovering Signals Stream
211 DIY Diagnostics Stream
212 Energy Analytics Stream
213 Fish Behavior Stream
214 Functional Genomics Stream
215 Gene Networks Stream
216 Glow Worms Stream
217 Luminators Stream
218 Magnetic Matter Stream
219 Microbe Hackers Stream
220 Nanochemistry Stream
221 Plant Pathways Stream
222 Practical Sensors Stream
223 Quantum Computing Stream
224 Robot Learning Stream
225 Supra Sensors Stream
226 Symmetry Stream
227 Urban Ecosystems Stream - Team Mary
228 Urban Ecosystems Stream - Team Ruth
229 Urban Ecosystems Stream - Team Stuart
230 VDS Virtual Cures Stream
231 White Dwarf Stars Stream