Experiential Learning Opportunities for Mathematics Students

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UT CNS offers many courses in which students have the opportunity to learn through authentic science projects and other experiences. 

See the courses taught with an experiential learning component below. 

Mathematics courses
CNS courses - all departments 

Undergraduate Research

One of the most in-depth experiential opportunities available to Mathematics students is
independent research within a faculty member’s research group.

The lists below are not exhaustive. TIDES offers weekly drop-in advising/consulation for CNS students seeking opportunities. 


The purpose of an internship is to gain valuable skills and experience, explore and refine your career interests, and network with professionals in your field.  Also, internships allow you to apply concepts you have learned in the classroom in a real-world, work environment.  

CNS Career Services is your college resource for career exploration and internships. 

TIDES offers drop-in hours each week in Painter Hall 3.04 for students who would like to discuss strategies for getting invovled in experiential learning activities and connecting with CNS and campus resources. The list below is a sample of opportunities and is not exhaustive. 

  • Opportunities

American Mathematical Society (AMS) list of Internship and Co-op Opportunities
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program
Wolfram Internships
US Department of Energy Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships
Department of Energy Scholars Program
RISE Research Internships in Science and Engineering
CNS Career Services Search Tools for Jobs and Internships
CNS Career Services Job/Internship feed

  • Resources

CNS Career Services Guide for Mathematics
CNS Course Credit Options for Internships


CNS students can engage in entrepreneurial activities both in and out of the classroom. TIDES offers weekly drop-in advising/consulation for CNS students seeking opportunities.

CNS Inventors Program
Startup Science
Bridging Disciplines Programs - Innovation, Creativity & Innovation
Entrepreneurship Resources Across Campus

Other Activities 

Science Sprints

If you're interested in "doing science" and are looking for a shorter-term way to be involved, try out a Science Sprint! Science Sprints are one-day intensive, fun events bringing interdisciplinary teams of 10-25 undergraduates together to work on a meaningful science problem. All CNS majors are welcome.
Spring 2018 Science Sprint Topics and Registration Information