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observe a colleague

CNS faculty use various teaching practices and welcome visitors interested in observing and using these strategies in their own teaching. Contact us if you would like help finding a class to visit.


One of the challenges of visiting a colleague’s classroom is knowing what to pay attention to. These tools are useful for making systematic observations of what an instructor is doing and what students are doing as a result: Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEMTeaching Dimensions Observation Protocol, and Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol [Note: The RTOP takes extensive training to use reliably.] Contact us if you would like someone to visit your class and give feedback to make your teaching more effective.

Inventory your own teaching.

These tools are useful for individual faculty and entire departments to identify which effective teaching practices they are already using and where there are opportunities to improve: Teaching Practices Inventory and PULSE Departmental Evaluation Rubric and Guidelines.