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TIDES hosts a number of different workshops, events and learning communities for CNS faculty and graduate students interested in learning effective teaching strategies and developing their instructional skills. 


Event Speaker Time Location Link
TIDES TA/UGTA training TIDES     Self-enroll in the Canvas page for details.
Course Design Institute - Online TIDES

July 12, 19, 26, August 5, 12


Course Design Institute TIDES August 12-13, 9-4:30  WEL 2.110 Replaced by online workshop series above
Course Design Institute - Online TIDES

May 12, 19, 26, June 2



Sign up here: https://forms.gle/2KVo5odxQ5eiMei59

Event includes the Zoom workshops,resources for independent work, office hours, and additional references

Access to a Canvas resource page will be available soon.

Course Design Institute TIDES May 26-27, 9-4:30 WEL 2.110 Replaced by online workshop series above


Event Speaker Time Resources  
Course Design Institute TIDES Jan 9-10, 9-4:30    
CNS TA/UGTA training TIDES Jan 30, 4-7pm    
 CNS TA/UGTA training TIDES Jan 24, 3-6pm    
Teaching Discovery Day various Sept. 25, 2019 https://cns.utexas.edu/deans-office/faculty-discussion-events/teaching-discovery-day  
 Guest Speaker  Carl Wieman  July 26, 2018  Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education...and Most Other Subjects

A New (and better) Way to Characterize and Evaluate Your Teaching (and everyone else’s)



  • The Teaching Hacks series provides short tips, tricks and tools for the instructional topic of the week. All the presented “hacks” are low-overhead approaches that can be quickly implemented to support effective, evidence-based instructional practices. 

                    Student Participation

                    Assessment and Grading

                    Office Hours and Student Mentoring

                    Syllabus Writing and Course Structure


  • The Teaching Spotlight series provides deeper dives into instructional topics, including a combination of education research foundations and practical implementation details. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss and begin work on instructional materials and approaches for their own courses to apply the practices showcased in the workshop. 


                  Teaching and Managing Large Classes

                  Facilitating Class Discussions and Group Activities

                  Developing Effective Exams

                  Developing Authentic Assessments and Projects

                  Influencing Student Motivation and Learning Mindset

                  Applying Science Research Approaches to Study and Improve Teaching


  • TIDES Faculty Learning Communities are groups of faculty with common instructional interests who meet regularly (every 2-4 weeks) to informally discuss a particular topic. These groups are lightly facilitated, but primarily a venue for connecting with colleagues on teaching and sharing effective practices. 
  • Occasionally, TIDES will sponsor a Guest Speaker from outside the UT community to share some area of education expertise with the CNS faculty.
  • TIDES also offers Customized Workshops on demand. If you have a group of CNS faculty or graduate students interested in a particular teaching topic, please contact TIDES to make arrangements for a customized offering.