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Our students are our greatest assets. When you create an endowed scholarship or fellowship, you ensure the College of Natural Sciences has resources available to attract and retain the best graduate and undergraduate students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Make a difference in the life of a student by establishing a new endowment in the academic area of your choice or contributing to an existing student endowment. An endowment can be named to commemorate a family legacy or to honor an important person at The University of Texas at Austin.

Graduate Student Support

The college thrives when it can attract and recruit high quality graduate students. Your support enables us to recruit competitively with the best programs in the nation, which enhances our ability to expand the depth and breadth of our academic and research programs at the College of Natural Sciences.

Endowed Presidential Fellowship (minimum funding $250,000)

Endowed Presidential Fellowships, the University’s prestigious graduate fellowship program, enables us to be competitive with peer institutions in recruiting exceptionally, talented graduate students.

Graduate Fellowship Endowments (minimum funding $100,000)
Endowed Graduate Fellowships are awarded to deserving graduate students based on University standards and criteria set forth by the donor.

To establish an endowment in the College of Natural Sciences or for more information, please contact Zak Richards, Chief Development Officer, at 512-471-3299, or email cnsgiving@austin.utexas.edu.

Undergraduate Student Support

Help us prepare undergraduate students to become future scientists, doctors, mathematicians, technologists, educators and entrepreneurs.

Undergraduate Scholarships (minimum funding $50,000)
Endowed scholarships are awarded to deserving undergraduate students based on University standards and criteria set forth by the donor.

Endowed Presidential Scholarships (minimum funding $250,000)
Endowed Presidential Scholarships, the University’s most prestigious scholarship program, are merit-based awards for exceptional students meeting the criteria of the program and those set forth by the donor.

Undergraduate Research Endowments (minimum funding $25,000)
Endowed undergraduate research funds are used to provide research opportunities specifically for undergraduate students.



Texas Science is leading the way in research, technology, and revitalizing 21st century education. With your gift, you support our mission to create an enriched environment where experiential learning and research is the foundation for student development. Your generosity is crucial for our community of students, educators, and scientists, whose work inspires and change the world.