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Invest in Innovative Science Research

The College of Natural Sciences has a global reputation for outstanding educational programs and innovative research. An investment in science research helps our faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers remain at the frontiers of discovery to develop new technologies, ideas and solutions that change the world. We invite you to help us strengthen our research efforts that address the new scientific challenges of the 21st century. Here are some ways you can make a difference:

Giant Magellan Telescope

The University of Texas at Austin and the McDonald Observatory are partners in the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), a multi-institution collaboration to build a telescope larger than any currently on the planet. The GMT's giant aperture, 25 meters in diameter, will produce images that are ten times sharper than those from the Hubble Space Telescope.

College of Natural Sciences astronomers will use the GMT to peer back in time to probe the formation of stars and galaxies shortly after the Big Bang, measure the masses of black holes billions of light years from Earth, and discover and characterize planets orbiting other stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

All ten research partners have signed binding commitments to provide the $500 million necessary to begin construction of this world-changing telescope. Give now »

The John Ring LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease

The John Ring LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease (CID) bridges the gap between basic and translational research into microbial and viral pathogenesis. This Center works to promote interdisciplinary infectious disease research throughout the university; establish mentoring programs for undergraduates, graduate students, health professionals, and junior faculty; build ties to local and national medical centers; facilitate the submission of program project and training grants; and translate the results of research into clinical and public health practice.

Support comes in part through distributions from the John Ring LaMontagne Memorial Chair in Infectious Disease and Global Health, established in loving memory of Dr. John R. LaMontagne by family, friends and colleagues in 2006. Give now »

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To support science research or for more information, please contact the College of Natural Sciences Development Office, 512-471-3299, or email cnsgiving@austin.utexas.edu.


Texas Science is leading the way in research, technology, and revitalizing 21st century education. With your gift, you support our mission to create an enriched environment where experiential learning and research is the foundation for student development. Your generosity is crucial for our community of students, educators, and scientists, whose work inspires and change the world.