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Eligibility requirements for transfer to the College of Natural Sciences

Internal transfer to the College of Natural Sciences is a competitive process.  Students are reviewed holistically and admission is offered on a space available basis.

It is important to read all of the internal transfer resource pages to understand the process.  If you have questions, please consult the FAQ page.  If the resource and FAQ pages do not answer your questions, please email the college at cns.internal.transfer@austin.utexas.edu.

to be considered, prospective internal transfer students should:

  • Complete a minimum of twenty-four semester hours in-residence. Credit-by-exam, correspondence, extension, pass/fail, and transfer hours are not considered in-residence and will not fulfill the in-residence requirement.  Applicants with hours "in progress" will be considered once the spring semester's coursework is complete. Summer courses taken after the application deadline do not count. 
  • Complete one of the following courses in-residence:  Mathematics (M) 408C, 408D, 408K, 408L, 408N, 408M, 408R, 408S, or Statistics and Data Sciences (SDS) 302.  Please note: if planning to apply for admission to math, physics or astronomy, taking calculus is highly recommended. 
  • Complete any two of the following courses for a letter grade in-residence (these courses do not have to be in-sequence or from same subject area): Biology (BIO) 311C, 311D, Chemistry (CH) 301, 302, Physics (PHY) 303K, and 303L, or majors level equivalents (see acceptable course substitutions for more information). 
  • Submit an essay describing how the intended major would impact achievement of educational and career goals.


*Meeting all minimum criteria stated above does not guarantee admission.  

What courses can I take prior to acceptance?

Acceptable course substitutions for application