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The application deadline for fall 2019 submission has passed.  

Our internal transfer process occurs annually and the next cycle will begin in the Spring semester of 2020 for fall semester admission.


The application process is online and must be completed by the stated application deadline, April 15, 2020 at 5:00pm.  

The College of Natural Sciences has only one admission period, which is each spring semester for the following fall semester.  It is not possible to apply in the fall for the spring semester.

to apply

It is important to read the "Before Applying" section prior to beginning your application.  All applicants must complete 24 hours in-residence to be considered.  Coursework completed in the spring semester will be considered towards the 24 hour in-residence requirement.

Students who have completed 4 long semesters (fall or spring) in-residence or 60 hours in-residence will not be considered for admission, but may make a formal appeal to be allowed to apply for internal transfer (the appeal will be embedded in the application).  Students who are in the fourth long semester at UT this spring, or who have not yet completed 60 hours this spring, are eligible to apply without appeal.  Withdrawn semesters do apply towards the four semester requirement.

Before Applying

The application contains a required essay with the prompt listed below.  It is recommended that you pre-write a response to this essay and paste into the application.  Once the application has been submitted, it is not possible to access and edit your application.

Describe how the intended CNS major would impact achievement of educational and career goals.  If you are seeking to add the new major as a simultaneous major, it is important for you to address how the new CNS major - combined with your other major - will impact achievement of educational and career goals.  Please be concise with your statement (maximum 3,000 total characters, including spaces).

For students who have completed 4 semesters or 60 hours in-residence at UT, you will be required to complete an appeal.  Before beginning the application, it is recommended that you pre-write a response to the prompt below, which can then be pasted into the application.  The appeal has a maximum of 9,000 total characters, including spaces.

Demonstrate your ability to graduate on-time (within four years of entering the university).  In order to do so, please address the following:

1) the major and degree you are pursuing, 2) the number of remaining hours for graduation, 3) if you are attempting to add a CNS major as a simultaneous major, list the total number of remaining hours for graduation in both majors, 4) your planned graduation date, and 5) include any additional relevant information to this appeal.

 (Note: Applications submitted after the deadline of 5:00 pm on April 15, 2020 will not be considered.) 


appeal process for 4 semester, 60 hour rule

Exceptions to the university's policies on internal transfer are only made in rare circumstances when a student can provide compelling reasons for exception and can provide evidence of being on-track for a timely graduation.  Students wishing to appeal the 4 semester, 60 hour rule will have the opportunity through the CNS internal transfer application.  On the application, you will need to denote completion of either 4 semesters and/or 60 hours in-residence, which will then provide you the opportunity to complete an appeal. Successful appeals will demonstrate the ability to graduate in a timely manner.

PACE students must have completed 24 hours in-residence in order to apply for internal transfer.  On the appeal, PACE students will only need to indicate they are appealing due to PACE.   

Problems with your application?

If you experience any problems with your application, please email cns.internal.transfer@austin.utexas.edu.  Include your name, EID, and the nature of the problem you are experiencing with the application.

factors considered in the application process

  • 24 hours of in-residence coursework
  • mathematics and science coursework taken in-residence
  • cumulative UT GPA
  • mathematics and science UT GPA
  • number of applicants versus number of available slots
  • desired major