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In addition to the forms and templates below, Strategic Research Initiatives offers one-on-one consultations and training at your convenience. We are always looking to expand the list of resources available, and welcome your suggestions and requests. Contact us to let us know what you’d like to see added, or to schedule a consultation to speak with us about a specific proposal or issue. We’re happy to travel to your office. 


General Forms & Templates



UT-Austin has a series of standard costs associated with research projects, including indirect costs (also referred to as "overhead" or F&A), fringe and tuition remission. The Office of Sponsored projects has designed a spreadsheet that will calculate these costs while you allocate funds to personnel, equipment, and other budget categories, thereby simplifying the process of generating a comprehensive budget that is in compliance with university policy: 

Certain funding opportunities may require cost-sharing, or you might be cost-sharing voluntarily (e.g., if you contribute time to a project without taking salary from the grant budget for your time). More information about what you need to do when cost-sharing is involved is provided below: 

  • OSP's Cost-Share Recap Form - Use this form to account for unpaid contributed time committed by senior personnel on grant proposals. If your proposal includes any unpaid contributed time, OSP will require you to complete this form prior to proposal submission. You also may be required to fill out this form for certain cash and other in-kind contributions.

  • CNS Cost-Sharing Requirements  - learn how to request cost-sharing and other kinds of institutional support from the Dean's office for your proposal. If your proposal requires an institutional commitment from the Dean's office, you must request this commitment before you submit your proposal. If you need a signed support letter from the Dean's Office, you must request this at least 3 weeks prior to your proposal submission deadline. You do not need to complete an OSP cost-share recap form to make these requests.


Sponsor-Specific Forms & Templates


National science foundation (nsf)

The NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide has again been updated, and new changes went into effect January 25, 2016 (significant changes are outlined here). These changes include updates to the biosketch format and a new single copy document listing collaborators.

Current templates are as follows:


National instituteS of health (nih)

As announced in NOT-OD-15-032, the NIH biosketch format and requirements have changed substantially, and all proposals submitted on or after May 25, 2015, must be in compliance with the new requirements. 


Another recent change to NIH policy is their adjustment of the salary cap, as announced in NOT-OD-16-045, effective January 10, 2016. Individuals affected by this cap are now those who earn a 12-month salary of $185,100 or greater (that's equivalent to a 9-month academic salary of $138,825). You can use the calculator below to figure out if and how the NIH salary cap impacts salary allocation in your proposal preparation:  


Other sponsoring entities

Let us know what you need! The CNS Office of Strategic Research Initiatives is here to help simplify and streamline the proposal application process for both researchers and research administrators. Contact us if you have an idea or a suggestion for forms, templates, or guidelines that would make your work easier. 



Suggestions to Help You Develop Other Proposal Components

While some sections of a proposal have strictly standardized form and content, there are others that must be unique to each submission. Components like Mentoring Plans and Data Management Plans must address the specific needs and challenges of each project. Strategic Research Initiatives maintains an inventory of college- and institutional-level resources that can be utilized to help develop various required plans for grant proposals, including resources for: