So You're Submitting a Proposal...



All proposals submitted for sponsored research by UT-Austin faculty or staff must be approved, and in many cased submitted by, the University Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).

OSP requires a minimum of four full business days before deadline to review your proposal materials. If your proposal is submitted to OSP fewer than four business days before it is due, it will recieve only a partial review, and OSP will not be able to ensure that it is free of administrative errors. Letting OSP know as early as possible that you have an upcoming proposal deadline is the best way to ensure that your proposal will be comprehensively reviewed, approved, and submitted by the sponsor deadline.

To route a proposal to OSP for required review and approal, you will submit a Proposal Review Form (PRF) via the UT Research Management System (RMS) that contains a few key details about the proposed project. The checklist below will help you gather the information you need to submit a PRF to OSP:

If your proposal involves -- either in part or exclusively -- a transfer of materials, you will need to complete a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA). The checklist below will help you determine the information you will need to submit an MTA. 

Often, as you begin to fill out sponsor-specific proposal applications, you will find they ask for institution-specific data, like UT-Austin's 'DUNS number' or 'Congressional District.' The data most often requested can be found here: 



principal investigator (PI) status

All UT-Austin tenure-track faculty are automatically given PI status by OSP. Other employees (e.g., Research Associates), must request permission to be granted PI status from OSP before OSP will submit a proposal with the employee named as the PI. The employee's supervisor or unit director must confirm approval of the request to OSP. Researchers in the College of Natural Sciences are not required to obtain Dean's Office approval for PI status requests and may submit these requests directly to OSP.



Financial conflict of interest (fcoi)  and financial interest disclosure (fid) forms

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) compliance is required of all Covered Individuals on a proposal. The term "covered individual" refers to anybody who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research. Covered Individuals include PIs, Co-PIs, Key Personnel and frequently graduate students, postdocs and technical staff. It is the responsibility of the PI to determine which personnel working on a given project are Covered Individuals.

All Covered Individuals on a project must complete online FCOI training and file a Financial Interest Disclosure (FID) form with the University before OSP will submit a proposal. Instructions for completing FCOI training and submitting an FID form are provided below.


If you have any questions about FCOI or FID policies or processes, contact: 

Office of Research Support and Compliance

(512) 471-8871