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As soon as you decide you're going to submit a proposal, you should begin working through the steps listed below. Steps can occur simultaneously or in a different order. Several factors may impact the amount of time required for preparation and submission of a proposal, such as the complexity of a budget, college or institutional approvals and commitments, and unique submission requirements. Begin the process as early as possible. Ideally, you will notify your departmental research administrator at least 4 business weeks and no later than 2 business weeks before the due date of a single-investigator proposal. Multi-investigator and institutional training grants may require a lead-time of 3 months (more on that here).

Visit our College Research Policies page or contact us directly for additional information regarding unique requirements and timelines for your proposal. If you’re a new faculty member, we’ve organized the proposal submission links on this website into a single document, “The Sponsored Research Proposal Process at the University of Texas at Austin: A Guide for New CNS Faculty”.