Proposal Submission Interfaces (Online Tools)


Most proposals are submitted online. A few private foundations may require submission via email, and even fewer may require hard copies sent by courier. If you are working on such a proposal, you should speak to the OSP grants specialist assigned to your proposal about your options. (This specialist will be assigned once your PRF has been submitted – see First Steps for more information.)

Many proposals in the College of Natural Sciences are submitted to the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Department of Energy. Each has a separate online interface, as outlined below. We recommend working with a grants administrator in your department to navigate these systems.



National Institutes of Health (NIH):

UT-Austin holds a subscription to Cayuse, and requires that all NIH proposals be submitted using Cayuse. The Office of Sponsored Projects teaches a class on how to use Cayuse (see Training Classes section below).


National Science Foundation (NSF):

NSF requires submission of all proposals through their site. If you do not have an NSF ID and password, speak to your departmental grants administrator to obtain one (this should be done as early as possible, as it may take a few days to generate). You will log in as a PI/Co-PI.


Department of Energy (DOE):

DOE accepts proposals through its PAMS (Portofolio Analysis and Management System) interface. You can create your user account yourself, but because of the time it can take to create an account, DOE recommends that you create it at least a week before your proposal is due.



Training Classes at UT

UT-Austin's Office of Sponsored Projects offers a number of training classes to educate researchers and administrators on the skills and processes required for grant submission. These classes are recurring, so if you don't see an upcoming date listed, you can reach out to the listed course contact to check when the next one will be offered. Courses include: 

  • SP110 - Proposal Submission With Cayuse: This class covers the Cayuse web interface, used for all National Institutes of Health submissions.

  • SP101 - Lifecycle of a Sponsored Research Grant - Pre-award: This class is recommended for staff and provides an overview of the proposal submission process, and is a good starting place for those with little to no experience in proposal submission at UT-Austin. 

  • SP102 - Lifecycle of a Sponsored Research Grant - Post-Award: In this class you will learn about how a project is administered after the grant has been awarded, from before the first check arrives until after the last invoice is sent. This class is recommended for staff who will deal with the accounting and administration of granted funds, and can serve as either an introduction or a refresher. 


If there is not a class offered before your proposal deadline, Strategic Research Initiatives offers one-on-one training and refresher sessions on proposal prepration processes and online submission interfaces for College researchers and administrators. Contact us to set up a time to meet.