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Has a CNS research administrator gone above and beyond for you? Is one of your colleagues deserving of a shout-out for their stellar work? Have YOU accomplished something that you are particularly proud of? Did you help submit a proposal that was awarded?

Take a moment to recognize a deserving CNS research administrator or pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
Use the CNS Research Administrator Shout Out online submission form to help us celebrate research administrators in our college. 
Shout-outs will be shared at CNS Research Administrator meetings, via email to the recognized research administrator and their supervisor, and select shout-outs will be added to the Strategic Research Initiatives website. 




New to research administration, Dolores' very first proposal was a real doozy: a $7,500,000 center proposal which included a subcontract; the guidelines and application instructions were a bit unconventional in comparison with your standard NSF and NIH opportunities. Dolores hit the ground running and demonstrated a commitment to submit a complete and accurate proposal. Late last Fall, UT received news that the proposal will be funded! Way to go, Dolores! 

~Anonymous submission



Shout-out to Kim for her participation in the Subaward Best Practices panel which presented to the ARA meeting held in November. Kim's expertise in subaward reporting, invoicing, and contract modifications (such as NCE) proved an excellent contribution to the panel and the conversation surrounding post-award administration of subcontracts. Her input will also be valuable in developing the subaward best practices guide. 

~Anonymous submission



Jeremiah has been sitting in on and co-teaching the F31/F32 NRSA fellowship group with me nearly since its inception. He's provided his own personal insight, good humor and cookie eating skills completely gratis. I'm not sure why he does it, but I REALLY appreciate him bringing his brains and excellent self to the table with us every week!!   

~Submitted by Angel Syrett



I am so grateful for Angel and her NRSA workshop. It is wonderful to work with the students in her class as they are infinitely more equipped to write a daunting NIH proposal than their peers. Thanks for all you do, Angel!

~Anonymous submission