Strategic Research Initiatives supports large teams of College of Natural Sciences faculty in the preparation of major, multi-investigator research and training grants. We recognize that compiling large grant proposals is a serious undertaking, and we are here to support you in preparing a competitive proposal. Our staff is composed of Ph.D. scientists with formal training in grant writing and experience managing multimillion-dollar center grants. We also serve as proposal reviewers for multiple federal agencies, and we draw from our first-hand experiences to provide you with comprehensive proposal development assistance that is tailored to meet your needs.

A list of our services is provided below. Contact the Strategic Research Initiatives Director, Dr. Dan Bost, for more information about any of the services listed or for help with your next major proposal.

Technical Support for Proposal Preparation

Strategic Research Initiatives can help you prepare center and training grant proposals by offering assistance with proposal editing and draft review, as well as offering advice regarding proposal organization and content.

Logistical Support

Strategic Research Initiatives staff can also serve as professional "cat-herders" to keep your faculty team on-time and on-target for developing your proposal. We work frequently with UT-Austin’s Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) and research administrators throughout the college. We are happy to work with your departmental or personal research administrators to divide and conquer the many appendices and other components required to submit a major center or training grant proposal.

Leveraging CNS and University-Level Resources

Strategic Research Initiatives maintains an inventory of college- and institutional-level resources that can be utilized to develop various required plans for grant proposals, including resources for:


College and Departmental Data for Training Grants

Strategic Research Initiatives works with the college’s Director of Postgraduate Education and various Graduate Coordinators to provide faculty with access to demographic and other institutional data required for training grants. Please contact us if you need assistance in compiling data for training grants. 


Obtaining Institutional Commitments

Strategic Research Initiatives can serve as your liaison to request matching funds or other institutional commitments from the Dean's office.

Learn more about how to request institutional commitment for a major center grant.


Graphic Assistance

Strategic Research Initiatives can facilitate interactions with the college’s Communications Office to help you develop eye-catching, professional-quality graphics for center grants and site visit presentations associated with grant competitions.


Site visit preparation

If a site visit or reverse site visit is part of your grant application process, Strategic Research Initiatives can help you develop presentations and print materials for the visit. We can also help you identify funds to support travel or other expenses associated with required site visits.