Dean's Office Policy for Providing Cost-Sharing Support

Some grant proposals require cost-sharing by the University. Other proposals may not require cost-sharing, but would be competitively enhanced by a significant demonstration of institutional support in the form of cost-sharing.


Types of cost-sharing provided by the Dean's office can include:


  • staff support
  • funds to offset expenses for students/postdocs supported on fellowships
  • space allocations or facilities renovations
  • cash for other purposes (also referred to as "matching funds")


Generally, the Dean's office provides voluntary cost-sharing only for proposals supporting a large number of CNS researchers. In addition, PIs are expected to leverage and maximize departmental and/or ORU resources for cost-sharing prior to seeking support from the Dean’s office.


If a PI is seeking cost-sharing from the Dean's office (either required or voluntary), s/he needs to obtain a signed letter from the Dean outlining the cost-sharing agreement before submitting his/her proposal to the funding agency.


Requesting Indirect Cost Reductions or Waivers

Indirect cost waivers or reductions (for use as foregone indirect costs to meet cost share requirements) will be addressed on an individual basis only after other sources have been fully considered. Any deviations from UT's negotiated IDC rates should be reviewed by Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI). For CNS faculty, the VPR will only approve indirect cost waivers or reductions that are submitted through the CNS Associate Dean for Research.


Process for Requesting Indirect Cost Rate Reductions or Waivers

  1. At least fourteen business days prior to the sponsor deadline for a proposal, the PI should email our office with the following information:

    • the OSP RMS Number
    • a copy of the categorized budget
    • if available, a copy of the sponsor's published statement regarding IDC allowability
    • a brief explanation for the request
  2. SRI will determine if approvals are required by the CNS Associate Dean for Research and/or VPR and will notify the PI accordingly. If VPR approval is required, SRI will work with you to prepare a draft commitment letter for VPR signature. Once prepared SRI/CNS ADR will forward the request to the VPR.


The Office of the Vice President for Research has additional information on indirect cost rate reductions and cost sharing.


Process for Requesting Matching Funds or Other Cost-Sharing Support


    1. At least four weeks prior to the sponsor deadline for a proposal, the PI should email our office with the following information:


    • Requested type and amount of cost-sharing
    • Draft of proposal, including names of involved UT-Austin faculty
    • Draft of categorized proposal budget
    • Summary of resources being contributed from the PI and/or PI's department/ORU
    • OSP number that is provided upon PRF creation in RMS


    1. Strategic Research Initiatives and the Associate Dean for Research will review the PI’s cost-sharing request. To receive matching funds support, proposals that include graduate research assistants in the budget must support those junior investigators at a nationally competitive stipend level, as established by the Associate Dean for Graduate Education.


    2. The Associate Dean for Research will suggest modifications of the request and/or alternate cost-sharing sources to the PI if necessary.


    3. Once approved by the Associate Dean for Research, the cost-sharing request will be presented to the Dean for final approval. A signed letter outlining the cost-sharing commitment will be provided to the PI and should be included with the submitted proposal when permitted by the sponsor. If the proposal is successful, committed matching funds will be transferred directly to an account specified by the PI.


    4. As a general guideline, CNS and the Vice President for Research (VPR) will provide matching funds using cash resources.