The College of Natural Sciences Strategic Research Initiatives office provides grant proposal development support to faculty, researchers, and research support staff College-wide.

We work with teams of faculty to identify and develop competitive multi-investigator center grant and institutional training grant proposals. We also offer one-on-one consultations for individual investigator grant proposals.

We maintain an online catalog of information about College and University resources that can be leveraged in grant proposals, and we provide competitive seed funding to support new interdisciplinary research collaborations within the College. We tailor and distribute  limited-submission announcement to the CNS faculty level and establish research policies for the College.

We also provide mentoring and assistance to research support staff in the College. We support administrative staff who work on grants by providing individual training and proposal preparation guidance. Additionally, we help research administrators develop efficient and effective strategies to shepherd proposals and awards through the research administration pipeline. New and experienced research support staff, including postdocs and research scientists who are new to grant writing or proposal prep at UT-Austin, are encouraged to contact us for assistance. Please visit our Research Administrator Resources page to learn about the College's grant support staff working group.


For more information about how Strategic Research Initiatives can help you secure your next grant, please visit the links below or contact us to schedule a meeting at your convenience. 





Proposal Submission Resources 


Proposal Development Resources


Research Administrator Resources 


College Research Policies