Encourage and support the college’s talented staff and scientific professionals and integrate them fully into the fabric of the college’s research and educational programs.


LEAD: Dr. Melissa Taylor,  Assistant Dean for Strategy and Planning



Because staff play a significant and critical role in supporting and sustaining the College’s academic and research excellence, the College established a CNS Staff Task Force to examine ways the College can better support and enhance its talented professionals. The Task Force recommended the creation of a standing CNS Staff Committee with a three-fold mission: to bolster morale, improve training and educational opportunities, and facilitate communication across the College.  The CNS Staff Committee worked throughout the year in conjunction with a Dean’s Office Staff Liaison to examine and recommend college-wide mechanisms for addressing its goals. With broader input from across the College, they prioritized the creation of a CNS staff website that has links to college-specific policies and training opportunities.  The Dean’s office has enhanced communication with the departments by establishing monthly Business Officers Meetings, maintaining a business calendar of important deadlines on the CNS website, creating a Task Force to discuss issues related to centralization of services, and standardizing the instructions and template for performance evaluations.

In 2015-16, the College focused on addressing staff priorities and promoting community through a series of events hosted by the CNS Staff Committee, and the following year a staff newsletter was introduced. In Summer 2017, a new CNS Staff Celebration Day event was hosted by Dean Hicke to celebrate and recognize the college-wide efforts of all staff engaged in supporting our educational, research and service missions. Our annual college-wide climate surveys were implemented in Spring 2016. Results will be shared with department chairs and College leadership to help us recognize the strengths and address the concerns of the College’s faculty, staff and students. Departments were also notified that a merit pool would be made available for all staff on instructional resource accounts, ensuring that these staff have access to the same merit opportunities as staff on departmental accounts.



  • The CNS Staff Committee will retain broad, representative membership and produce tangible steps toward shared goals, including regular communication with the College.
  • The CNS Staff Website will provide ready access to up-do-date information that is desired by staff and helps improve College business operations.



The College:

  • assesses staff awareness and participation in events such as Staff Celebration Day
  • administers an annual climate survey for faculty and staff to assess satisfaction and requests



  • We are working alongside the CNS Staff Committee to address staff priorities and promote regular communication.
  • We are updating and improving services in the Dean’s office is response to the feedback of our departmental constituents.
  • We are engaging department chairs in strategic budget planning to identify mechanisms for future staff merit raises.