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Strengthen and stabilize the non-tenure track faculty and acknowledge the important role that they play in the college’s learning community.


LEAD: Dr. Shelley Payne, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


The Office of Faculty Affairs has a newly established standing committee, the Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTT) Working Group, which has developed college-wide guidelines for incorporating non-tenure track faculty in departments. The working group also has established an NTT professional faculty track for promotion.  A new Faculty Handbook outlines clear standards and practices for hiring, performance evaluation, and career advancement.  Communication between non-tenure track faculty and the Dean’s office has been enhanced through the establishment of faculty-specific Town Halls, the creation of associate chairs for undergraduate education in the departments, and the inclusion of a senior non-tenure track faculty member on the College’s Promotion and Tenure Committee. Finally, the Dean has budgeted a salary increase pool for non-tenure track faculty for the next five years to help reward and support our most talented and committed non-tenure track faculty.

In 2015-16, the College appointed an assistant dean for non-tenure track faculty to help support and promote the integration of our teaching faculty. Lecturers and chairs in each department met with the new assistant dean to discuss the roles of lecturers in their departments. All lecturers that expressed interest in going up for promotion met with the associate dean for faculty affairs to prepare themselves for that process. The College also held a Town Hall, implemented a bi-annual newsletter, and initiated a new non-tenure track faculty orientation, which is held annually for new faculty. The minimum starting salary for new lecturers in the College was raised after a comprehensive peer analysis and a consideration of cost of living in Austin. It was also recommended to departments that senior lecturers should hold minimum two-year appointments and distinguished senior lecturers should receive rolling three-year appointments.


  • Non-tenure track faculty will be incorporated into the teaching and curricular decision-making efforts within departments.
  • Non-tenure track faculty will have stable employment and clearly understand and participate in paths for career advancement.
  • Non-tenure track faculty will feel more fully integrated into the mission of the College and report better channels of communication.



The College:

  • tracks the quality, number and success of NTT promotion files
  • tracks attendance of NTT faculty at faculty orientation and other gatherings, such as Town Halls
  • assesses the perceptions of NTT faculty through an annual climate survey to determine the level of inclusion, participation and satisfaction with their positions



  • We are working with department chairs and associate chairs to ensure that all lecturers have peer evaluations in their files for promotion.
  • We are encouraging departments to provide service opportunities for lecturers to help strengthen and support their promotion package.