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Reorganize the Biological Sciences and create a new Department of Statistics and Data Science.


LEAD: Dr. Linda Hicke


The College is now home to three independent biological science departments – Integrative Biology, Molecular Biosciences and Neuroscience. Each focuses on the specific educational and research missions associated with their discipline. All three departments completed highly successful external reviews that praised the caliber of the faculty, the strength of their many interdisciplinary research efforts and the high quality of the graduate programs.  To support the undergraduate teaching mission in biology, the College created a separate Biology Instruction Office (BIO) to house the advising, course registration and lab-management staff associated with the large introductory biology courses that serve more than 10,000 students each year. The faculty director of BIO, together with the associate chairs for education of the three new biology departments, work together to oversee coordinated curricular changes and teaching assignments.  Our new Department of Statistics and Data Sciences has also flourished, with a robust PhD program and an expanding undergraduate service mission, further advancing data-enabled education and research across the UT campus. Faculty in CNS are well-positioned to collaborate with the Dell Medical School.


  • New departments will attract the highest caliber faculty and graduate students and will successfully compete for extramural funding.
  • Our biological sciences curriculum and lower-division instruction will be current, of high quality and well-regarded by our students.



The College:

  • tracks recruitment and yield numbers for our biological science faculty and graduate students
  • tracks extramural funding by department
  • assesses faculty productivity and the impact of their research
  • tracks the academic success and graduation rates of our biology majors