Dean Linda HickeI am pleased to present to you “Discovery Starts Here,” the strategic plan for College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin.

This plan will guide the college’s priorities over the next five to ten years, as we make decisions about how best to innovate and successfully prepare students, promote world-changing discoveries and improve our world.

The future of the State of Texas and the United States depends on science-literate, innovative citizens and the College of Natural Sciences is responding to that need. Our students discover science here as they prepare themselves to become global citizens through an education rich with hands-on experiences and faculty mentorship.

Our future also depends on fundamental discoveries in science, medicine and technology. The research activities of our faculty, staff and students lead to game-changing technologies, medicines and processes that improve society. The college’s purpose, then, is to foster an environment that promotes such discovery, open inquiry and innovation.

This plan was developed with the collective efforts of our departmental and administrative leadership and defines a strategic vision that will help us reach our goals. The plan will be the basis for new initiatives in undergraduate and post-graduate education, faculty hiring, a master space plan, and other pioneering projects.  

Together, we can make the College of Natural Sciences one of the best science colleges in the country. 

Best wishes,

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Linda Hicke 
Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Our Objectives

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