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The College of Natural Sciences will use every opportunity to educate not only students within the college and across the university, but to broaden our reach to the public at large. Our success depends on a society well versed in the challenges and successes of science and mathematics.

The college has the talent and responsibility to communicate the importance of our mission, scientific advances, and educational advances to the rest of the world. We will articulate the benefit of science and basic research to the population at large and to our state’s leaders.

17. Promote the transfer and communication of discoveries to society.

  • We will enhance the dissemination and transfer into society of the knowledge and ideas that continue to emerge from our research by developing and fostering a strong relationship with the university’s Office of Technology & Commercialization and by developing awareness among college faculty members and students of the process by which new discoveries can be publicized, patented and commercialized.
  • The college will facilitate student internships that promote experience with intellectual property and small and large business environments.
  • We will emphasize external and internal communication to targeted audiences through various media, including our website, university channels, and local, national and international media.

18. Enhance relationships with local, national and international partners and stakeholders.

  • We will develop a strong community of supporters and alumni by asking the college’s external advisory council to maximize its members’ impact and critical assistance with our academic and societal missions. We will engage and partner closely with the Texas Exes and coordinate college and department efforts to build a strong community of informed, enthusiastic and engaged alumni.
  • The college will build more partnerships with the Central Texas business community to enhance development in areas of joint interest, including biotechnology, technology innovation, nanotechnology and others. The Cockrell School of Engineering, the McCombs School of Business and the new Dell Medical School will be desirable partners for working within the entrepreneurial environment in the Austin area.
  • We will establish an outside commercialization and entrepreneurship advisory panel composed of business leaders, including the Office of Technology & Commercialization and Texas Venture Labs, and work closely with external business partners to tailor educational programs that address strategic workforce gaps for science-based employers.
  • To increase our benefit from global research and educational opportunities, we will increase international collaborations by consciously recruiting the best international students, researchers, and scholars, and build partnerships with university international programs.

19. Create science-based cultural and media programs that promote community and affinity within and outside the college.

  • Our goal is to make science more visible on campus at the level already achieved for art and athletics through public displays and events. We will exploit existing and new media channels to reach beyond campus and promote an understanding of and appreciation for science discoveries from the college and beyond, and further connect with alumni through an annual print newsletter and expanded digital communications.