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Friends, former students and colleagues of Stephen Martin have joined together to establish the Stephen F. and Fay Evans Martin Endowed Professorship in Chemistry. This endowment will honor a man who has given so much of himself to the lives of his students and colleagues and will support, in perpetuity, the Department of Chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. This endowment requires gifts and pledges of $300,000 to reach its new goal. All pledges in support of the Martin Professorship may be paid over a five-year window and will be matched 1:1 by Steve and Fay.

Funds distributed annually from the Stephen F. and Fay Evans Martin Endowed Professorship in Chemistry will be used to recruit and retain exceptional faculty in the Department of Chemistry. Endowed Professorships allow the college to grow the next generation of chemists by providing discretionary support for research seed grants, graduate student stipends and programmatic excellence.

In light of the extraordinary opportunity to establish a named professorship in honor of Stephen Martin and his wife Fay, the College of Natural Sciences looks to the former students, friends and colleagues of Dr. Martin to support this initiative. Dr. Martin’s impact on UT and the Department of Chemistry has been profound, and his research in the field of organic and bioorganic chemistry has made significant impacts in the study of chemistry.

Learn more about this opportunity, download a pledge form, or make your gift online at txsci.net/MartinProfessorship.

Questions? Please call Sarah Heier Toennis at 512-471-3299 or email sarah.toennis@austin.utexas.edu


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A memory of Steve from Michael Dwyer, '97: One of the most impactful impressions or lessons that Steve ever left on me was during my first conversation with him when he accepted me into his group in the fall of 1992. In talking with him in his office, he said to me "you will get out of your graduate career what you are willing to put into it. I start with an exemplary recommendation letter and your work and performance in my group will ultimately rewrite that document both the good and the bad." I believe that I took those words of wisdom to heart during my time in the Martin group and into my current industrial career. My kids are quite familiar with the phrase "got to work hard for it!" when they are complaining about something and would love to meet the person responsible for it!!!

Thank you to our donors!

Richard Austin
Kenneth J. Barr
John Bender
Wolfgang Broder
Scott K. Bur
Chi-Li Chen
Hui-Ju Chen
John A. Colapret
Leslie L. Cortes
T. Dilon Daniel
Michael Dappen
Steven K. Davidsen
Jennifer E. Davoren
Johnathan E. Delorbe
Sunil Desai
Jochen Dietz
Chris Dockendorff
Mark T. Du Priest
Michael P. Dwyer
Chao Fang
Ingrid Fellows
Nancy S. Ferris
Bruce C. Follows
Andrew M. Fryer
Nathan O. Fuller
Leo Geraci
John C. Gilbert
Thomas E. Grula
Denise E. Guinn
Richard Heidebrecht
Sarah Heier
Paul J. Hergenrother
Michael Hillier
Roy K. Hom
John Humphrey
James E. Hunter
Ivan T. Jewett
John Josey
April L. Kennedy
Bridgette K. Kunst
Philip Kym
Evan P. Kyba
Hui Li
Yusheng Liao
Chris Limberakis
Spiros Liras
Omar D. Lopez
Christopher C. Marvin
William McElroy
Ken Miller
Mike Mortimore
Satoru Naito
Christopher E. Neipp
Alexander L. Nichols
Naveed Neil Nosrati
Michael O'Keefe
Claud W. Payne
Gerald Phillips
Hilary Plake
Thomas Puckette
Andreas Reichelt
Dudley W. Smith
Tetsuaki Tanaka
Edward C. Taylor
Kristy Tran
Christine B. Wade
Rolf Wagner



"I will be forever grateful for Steve Martin's guidance at the bench. His mentorship and the unique camaraderie he fostered within his group and across the UT Chemistry Department. Contributing to the endowment solidifies Steve's legacy of top-notch science for future generations of UT students."
- Dr. Steve Davidsen

"Take a moment to think about where you are in your career...and how you got here.  I bet that our time in Steve’s group played a significant role in each of our career paths.  We would not be where we are today without the SFM experience.  I choose to show my gratitude by funding the legacy.”
- Bridgette Kunst