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Each year, we present our Staff Excellence Awards to exceptional staff throughout the College of Natural Sciences. Without our fantastic, professional staff, the college would not thrive as it does. We thank you all for your efforts!


      • Josh Byrnes, Department of Computer Science
      • Ben Costello, Department of Physics
      • Chris Connelly, Office of Undergraduate Education
      • Ophella Dano, Charles A. Dana Center
      • Laura Evans, Biology Instructional Office
      • Jane Huk, TIDES
      • Herman Kriel, McDonald Observatory
      • Mark McFarland, Office of Information Technology


      • Vivian Abagiu, CNS Communications
      • Yvette Cañedo, Department of Molecular Biosciences
      • Amy Chavez, UTeach
      • Brandon Crabtree, Undergraduate Education
      • Laura Enneian, Department of Neuroscience
      • Scott Fleenor, Department of Nutritional Sciences
      • Kristi Fontenot, Assistant to the Chief Development Officer
      • Sara Guajardo, Center for First-Year Advising
      • Betsy Hamblen, Department of Chemistry
      • Tepera Holman, TIP Program
      • Alfonso Huerta Garcia, Department of Nutritional Sciences
      • Jordan Johnson, Department of Chemistry
      • Addie Kohlmetz, UTeach Outreach
      • Shane Lewis, Information Technology
      • Jenna Livingston, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
      • Phillip MacQueen, McDonald Observatory
      • Victoria Obioma, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences
      • Elizabeth Osterndorff-Kahanek, Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research
      • Maggie Rigney, CNS Career Services
      • David Roberts, Information Technology
      • Susan Rozmiarek, Department of Neuroscience
      • Didi Smith, Undergraduate Education
      • Laurel Sweet, Department of Computer Science
      • Angel Syrett, Strategic Research Initiatives
      • Alisha Thompson, Charles A. Dana Center
      • Katie Traughber Dahm, Department of Computer Science
    • 2019-2020

      • Julie Bowers, Department of Molecular Biosciences
      • Lynda Gonzales, Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science (TIDES)
      • Becky Kester, Office of Undergraduate Education
      • Susan May, Charles A. Dana Center
      • Shane Merrell, Biological Sciences Greenhouses
      • Peggy Pitts, UTeach
      • Doug Roberts, Computer Sciences Advising


      • John Baxendale, Department of Chemistry
      • Anneke Chy, CNS Undergraduate Education
      • Nicole Elmer, Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics and Biodiversity Center
      • Heather Leigh, CNS Events
      • Margaret McCook, Charles A. Dana Center for Science & Math Education
      • Elizabeth Morgan, CNS Undergraduate Education
      • Rachel Poole, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences
      • Chris Weatherly, Department of Neuroscience


      • Francesca Fraga Leahy, Charles A. Dana Center for Science & Math Education
      • Marc Airhart, CNS Communications
      • Lisa Gandy, McDonald Observatory
      • Allan Schroeder, Department of Physics Machine Shop
      • Linda Beltran, School of Human Ecology
      • Corolyn Holub, Department of Molecular Biosciences


      • Amy Bush, Department of Computer Science
      • Chris Costello, UTeach Science Program
      • Lara Eakins, Department of Astronomy
      • Lisa Gentry, Department of Physics
      • Kathy McWilliams, Department of Nutritional Science


      • Sasha Schellenberg, Department of Statistics & Data Sciences
      • Kelly Quinney, Department of Astronomy
      • Jon Howard, Advising Center, Math, Physics and Astronomy
      • Tamra Rogers, Biology Instructional Office
      • Angela Missildine, Department of Chemistry
      • Hanshin Lee, McDonald Observatory


      • Dorothy Frasch, Supervisor, McDonald Observatory
      • Sally Amen, New Employee, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences
      • Eileen Drake, School of Human Ecology
      • Teresa Garza, Institute for Fusion Studies
      • Mary Lozano, Department of Molecular Biosciences
      • Sylvia Moore, Department of Integrative Biology


      • Judith Quinney, Supervisor, Student Records
      • Vicki Keller, New Employee, Statistics & Scientific Computation
      • Herb Boehl, Physics
      • Melissa Taylor, Office of Honors, Research and International Studies
      • Ron Leck, McDonald Observatory
      • Angie Steelman, Chemistry & Biochemistry


      • Toren K. Smith, Computer Science
      • Linda Breining, Human Ecology
      • Sandra Catlett, Mathematics
      • Glenn Suchan, Physics
      • Roger Williams, Chemistry
      • David Steadman, Communications


      • Sally Morehead, Marine Science
      • Samuel Harris III, Biological Sciences
      • Chris Weatherly, Neurobiology
      • Karin Keller, Chemistry and Biochemistry
      • Chad Barnes, Computer Science
      • Dean's Office Staff Excellence Award: Mary Miller, UTeach Outreach


      • Marvin James Halligan, Institite of Fusion Studies
      • Carol Hyink, Computer Science
      • Julia Apodaca, Human Ecology
      • Kathy Thatcher, Biological Sciences
      • Edwin Scott Keifer, Chemistry and Biochemistry
      • Dean's Office Staff Excellence Award: Michael Mahometa


      • Erika L. Frahm, Biological Sciences
      • Jon Kevin Mace, McDonald Observatory
      • Sharon D. Bugnand, Nano and Molecular Science and Technology
      • Kimberly M. Sybert, Neurobiology
      • George L. Sandefur, Physics
      • Dean's Office Staff Excellence Award: Becky Kester


      • Theresa Barnes, Integrative Biology
      • Cathy Potter, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
      • Alfonso Huerta Garcia, Human Ecology
      • Maorong Zou, Mathematics
      • Catherine Rapinett, Institute for Fusion Studies
      • Dean's Office Staff Excellence Award: Ricardo Gonzalez


      • Charles Arnone, Neurobiology
      • Yadirah Colon, Computer Sciences
      • Nancy Davis, McDonald Observatory
      • Jim Umbarger, Astronomy
      • Brian Zavala, Environmental Science Institute
      • Dean's Office Staff Excellence Award: Kate Waldeman


      • Barbara Heine, Computer Sciences
      • Michael Ronalter, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      • Tina Radke, Human Ecology
      • Povilas Palunas, McDonald Observatory
      • Sheri Biggs, Neurobiology


      • Monica Kidd, Astronomy
      • Laurie Alvarez, Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
      • Jeff Evelyn, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      • Nelson Guda, Environmental Science Institute
      • Marco Gonzalez, School of Biological Sciences


      • Michael Montague, Human Ecology
      • Dan Machold, Computer Sciences
      • Fu-Ren (Frank) Fan, Laboratory for Electrochemistry
      • Dora Hilgart, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
      • John Maisano, Texas Memorial Museum


      • Cynthia Thompson, Astronomy
      • Monika Hill, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      • Frances Lemear, Integrative Biology
      • Nancy Lamm, Mathematics
      • John Good, McDonald Observatory


      • Timothy Stahlke, Dana Center
      • Carolyn Miller, Human Ecology
      • Katherine Reynolds, ICMB
      • John Ulrich, Integrative Biology
      • Michael Gibson, Marine Science Institute
      • Patrick Goetz, Mathematics


      • Lara Eakins, Astronomy
      • Patricia Ganey-Curry, Institute for Geophysics
      • Andrea Wickham, Marine Science Institute
      • Robert Rainey, Vertebrate Paleontology Lab
      • Suzanne Goodman, School of Biological Sciences


      • Enrique Cantu, Jr., Astronomy
      • Elsa Villanueva, Human Ecology
      • David Doss, McDonald Observatory
      • Lee Sutton, Neurobiology
      • Annie Harding, Prigogine Center


      • Lee Benson, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      • Larry Mack, Geological Sciences
      • Robert Claggett, Human Ecology
      • Richard Kalke, Marine Science Institute
      • Emma Harley, Microbiology


      • Susan Cook, Biological Sciences
      • Theresa Barnes, Botany
      • Linde Soderquist, Human Ecology
      • George Barczak, McDonald Observatory
      • Richard Garcia, Microbiology
      • Allan Bonin, Zoology


      • Mae Collins, Astronomy
      • Daniel Thomas, Biological Sciences
      • Patrick Horne, Computer Sciences
      • Earl Green, McDonald Observatory
      • Allan Bonin, Zoology


      • Cathy Prescott, Botany
      • Sandra Monahan, Biological Sciences
      • Donald Niebauer, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      • Cleota Gambino, McDonald Observatory
      • John Loera, Zoology


      • Paul Ward, Biological Sciences
      • Carolyn Valentine, Fusion Studies
      • Betty Kurtz, Geological Sciences
      • Margaret Combs, Mathematics
      • Norma Kotz, Physics


      • Michael Raney, Biological Sciences
      • Barbara McKnight, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      • Fletcher Mattox, Computer Sciences
      • Janis Baker, Mathematics
      • Pam Cook, Science and Technology Center


      • Vincent Lynch, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      • Char Dison, Computer Sciences
      • William Woods, Geological Sciences
      • Adele Traverso, Theory Group, Physics
      • Marsha Berkman, Zoology


      • Susan Dirks, Clayton Foundation Biochem. Inst.
      • Shirley Hurt, Fusion Research Center
      • Donna Lee Precht, Geological Sciences
      • Karen Crumley, Institute for Fusion Studies
      • Ricardo Ruiz, Jr., Physics


      • Arthur S. Bratteng, Biological Sciences
      • Robert J. Nagy, Botany
      • Joanne Click, Computer Sciences
      • Carolyn Miller, Human Ecology
      • Juanita Goldrick, Mathematics


      • Joanne Rhodes, Biological Sciences
      • Karen Holcomb, Botany
      • Dianne Driskell, Computer Sciences
      • Alvin Mitchell, McDonald Observatory
      • Richard DeMarchi, Microbiology


      • Guenther Hoops, Geological Sciences
      • Frieda Neff, Home Economics
      • Sue Kinney, Mathematics
      • Sandy Preston, McDonald Observatory
      • Les Deavers, Physics