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Staff across our college are a wealth of information! That's why the CNS Staff Committee is gathering tips and tricks of all sorts from college staff and sharing them here.
Do you have a tip to share? Something that made your job easier or your day-to-day campus experience more enjoyable? Something you wish you had known all along? Send it to the CNSSC Traning and Wellness Group at CNSSC.TW@cns.utexas.edu.
Our greatest resource is one another!



TIps and tricks


Campus Tip: Getting Around Town

Did you know that UT students, faculty, and staff may ride Capital Metro MetroRail, as well as Mainline and MetroRapid buses for FREE, any day, any time! Just swipe your valid UT photo ID upon entering the bus or display it to the conductor when accessing the MetroRail. You can find more info here. Published 08/05/22.


Applications Tip: Using DocuSign with UT Box

Do you have to juggle DocuSign documents? Did you know that you can send to DocuSign directly from Box? If you have a document that needs a signature uploaded in Box, there is an option on the document through Box online to choose "Send through DocuSign". This option will allow you to connect to DocuSign, choose the recipient(s) and final destination of the signed doc, and send. Once the doc is signed, it will come back and land in the Box with the name of the file indicating it was DocuSigned. You can find detailed instructions here. If you have questions, check out our campus DocuSign support. Published 07/14/22.


Applications Tip: Funding Opportunity Database.

Looking for funds to finance your next project? Did you know that Pivot — a database of diverse funding opportunities — is available, free of charge, to all UT faculty, staff, and students? Create and save searches, and get alerts when a new funding opportunity arises. Published 05/12/2022.


Training Tip: Microsoft Teams Essential Training.

Has your group implemented Microsoft Teams as their primary communication tool? Feeling lost trying to navigate yet another, new collaboration app? Did you know that LinkedIn Learning offers a Microsoft Teams Essential Training class and that all UT staff have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning? Go to LinkedIn Learning and sign in with your UT email address. You will automatically be re-routed to the UT login page. From there, just log in with your UT EID and password. Search for “Microsoft Teams Essential Training” and get started! While you’re there, check out some of the numerous other useful classes offered.Published 04/14/2022.


Equipment Tip: Free Assessment of Malfunctioning -80 Freezers.

Have a -80 freezer fail and don’t know whom to call? Did you know that ThermoFisher has a program to evaluate any brand of nonfunctioning or malfunctioning -80 freezer (and other types of chilling/heating devices), FREE OF CHARGE? They will come to campus, pick up the freezer, bring it to their local facility, and assess what repairs need to be made. If you decide not to repair the freezer, ThermoFisher will return it to campus at no charge. Alternatively, the user may pay to have ThermoFisher repair the freezer and then return it to their lab. [Note: In most cases, nonfunctional units will necessarily require at least some repairs in order to be properly assessed. Costs for such preliminary repairs will be established before any repairs are made.] Anyone interested in the service should contact the Repair Depot Group Leader, Chana Robbins (cell: 603-380-1911, office: 737-742-1158, email: chana.robbins@thermofisher.com). Published 02/28/2022.