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CNS Staff Excellence Award

Staff members with excellent work performance are recognized by this award. The program award also includes an Outreach Excellence Award for staff and/or faculty who demonstrate great impact on our community.


President's Exemplary Service Award

UT Austin managers and supervisors may nominate eligible employees to receive up to 32 hours of administrative leave per fiscal year for specific services or activities that demonstrate exemplary service or performance. 

The President's Staff Awards

The awards recognize staff memebers and include three categories:

           Staff Service Awards: Recognition is based on length of service

           Outstanding staff and Supervisor: The award honors and recgnizes the invaluable contributions of

                     thirty (30) outstanding staff members and two (2) outstanding supervisors

The Tower Award

The Tower Awards are presented annually to honor excellence in volunteerism among the students, faculty, and staff of The University of Texas at Austin.

Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award

The Graduate School presents the Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award to recognize the exemplary service of one of our Graduate Coordinators. 

CFO Employee Excellence Awards/STAR Award

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) presents the Staff Top Achievement and Recognition (STAR) Award to acknowledge and reward exemplary performance and contributions by CFO employees. The CFO’s portfolio accepts nominations from any university employee who wants to acknowledge CFO employees, including managers, coworkers, and peers.