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The family of Professor George Sudarshan has established the George Sudarshan Endowed Excellence Fund for Graduate Support in Physics in memory of Dr. Sudarshan’s journey as a physicist and his dedication to teaching and mentoring students as a longtime member of the physics faculty at the University of Texas at Austin.

Professor E. C. George SudarshanDr. Sudarshan made many important contributions to theoretical physics, beginning during his time as a graduate student and continuing throughout his career as a professor of physics at UT from 1969 to 2016. Working with his Ph.D. advisor, Robert Marshak, Sudarshan created the V-A theory of the weak force, a discovery that was crucial to the unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions. Later, Dr. Sudarshan and Roy Glauber developed a quantum mechanical description of light that would become the foundation of a new field: quantum optics.

Throughout his career, he also continued to contribute to research and education in his home country of India, serving as a senior professor at the Center for Theoretical Studies at the Indian Institute of Sciences (1971-1991) and director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, India (1984-1991).

For those who would like to honor Dr. Sudarshan’s memory and promote outstanding physics at UT, we are now raising funds to increase the value of the endowment to $100,000, which will create the George Sudarshan Graduate Fellowship in Physics. All pledges in support of this goal may be paid over a five-year window. This endowment will support graduate students in the Department of Physics at the University of Texas at Austin in perpetuity.


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