One way the Polymathic Scholars build community is through a student-run peer mentorship program. First-year polymaths may sign up for a student mentor to guide them as they discern their field proposal and acclimate to campus and the honors program. This year, the programs has 33 polymath mentors with a variety of experience, career goals, and interests to share with incoming polymaths. 


Carlo Antoniolli

What's up guys, my name is Carlo Antoniolli and I am a 3rd year Government major. My field of study is in leadership and my minor is titled “Leadership, Ethics, and Motivation.” My goal with this minor is to learn what the basic leadership characteristics are and apply these into the present world to help young students succeed in any realm they choose to enter. My plan post undergraduate is not set so graduate school, law school, or moving to Italy and opening a small bistro on the coast are not out of the question! However in a perfect world, I would be a sitting US Senator who runs a non-profit organization called “Re-Define the Grind inc.” that would help less fortunate students achieve a GED. Or I would be a high school football coach, because go Cowboys. My hobbies include hanging out with my Fraternity brothers (Lambda Chi Alpha), reading a lot, and being into fitness. If you ever need to find me, look for me in the REC center since Gregory Gym is always to crowded! I look forward to meeting y'all! Oh and go Spurs go!


Madison Brooks

Hello, I am a second year Government and Anthropology major and my Polymathic field of study is "Class and Public Education in Texas". I am planning on attending law school in the future and to hopefully one day lobby for underprivileged and underfunded schools. I am an active member of the Texas Darlins in which I volunteer once a week at Paredes Middle School in Austin. I also love to play volleyball and hang out with my friends.


Rachel Concha

Hello, I am a junior Neuroscience major who works as an FRI mentor in the neuroscience of synapses stream. You may often find me looking at synaptic structures in the brain and how those structures relate to learning and memory. I hope to continue my studies in graduate school and go on to conduct research of my own. My Polymath field, "Non-Normative Consciousness", focuses on contemporary views of consciousness and the effects of substance abuse and dissociative mental illnesses on the brain. Apart from my studies, I also enjoy spending time with my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, cooking, and doing yoga with my friends.


Larissa Cruz

Hello, my name is Larissa and here are a few facts about myself:
1. I am a 3rd year.
2. I major in Nutrition (in process of switching to Public Health).
3. My field of study is "Poverty in the U.S." (may change as well)
4. I am currently working in the international public health field.
5. I enjoy being active by working out, running around Austin, and dancing. I also love exploring all the fun activities and good food Austin has to offer, especially Gourdough's and Kerbey Lane. I love to travel and hope to study abroad in either Europe or Australia, either this year or the next. I would also really love to visit the Amazon rainforest in Brazil one day and really wish I could have gone this year to the FIFA World Cup. Besides Austin, Mexico City is my next favorite city and I love the Mexican culture and beautiful, mountainous landscape. I also love watching ballet and musicals, some of my favorite musicals being “Wicked” and “Les Miserables”. I am excited for this upcoming year and can’t wait to get more involved with Polymathic Scholars and meet my mentee!


Schuyler Dale

Hello, I am a fourth year Anthropology major with a minor in Biology. I am interested in medicine and will (hopefully) go to Texas State to get a Master of Science in Family and Child Studies that specializes in the study of children. But before I do this, I would love to work in Tanzania where a friend of mine is running an orphanage. At some point in my life, after a few years of working as a Child Life Specialist, I would like to attend Physician Assistant school in Texas. My Capstone Research project is entitled "Teaching Students Who Have Special Needs" and will be focused on diversity and inclusion in the classroom. My interests include traveling (I have volunteered at hospitals in Argentina and India), volleyball, and Texas 4000, a bike ride stretching from Texas to Alaska which raises money and awareness for cancer research.


Evan DeLord

Hey everyone, I'm a senior Polymath majoring in Neuroscience. After graduation, I plan to do research and continue studying neuroscience in graduate school. As such, you'll often find me in the lab where I work with a graduate student to build computer models of the brain. With my Polymath minor, I'm investigating the field of "Temperament and Identity" which aims to find the aspects of personality that are inherent and what this says about who we will become. Besides neuroscience and personality psychology, I also have interests in evolution, computer science, philosophy, and sociology. In my free time I enjoy exploring Austin food places with friends and learning piano pieces.


Ryan Difalco

Hello, I am a sophomore Polymath who is majoring in Chemistry and intend to pursue a career in medicine, specializing in Neurology. I don't have a specific field in mind yet, but I am pretty sure I will figure it out eventually. I am extremely active in the Texas Running Club on campus, and I plan to compete in marathons and relay races throughout the year. I also like to think that I am a reallly funny guy and that I make the best puns the world has ever seen (according to everyone ever). 


Aivien Do

Hello, I am a senior studying both Neuroscience and Psychology. My Polymathic field of study is called, "Ethics of Digitalized Interpersonal Communication," which examines the ethics involved in personal interactions via texts, chats, emails, etc. As a freshman, I was undecided about my career path (choosing between social work and medicine), but I am now pursuing medicine and am studying to become a physician. Though quirky and a little dorky, I enjoy many types of social dancing, especially salsa and bachata, and cooking in a co-op.


Stephanie Eisner

I am a senior majoring in Public Health. I am an Argentinian American who is passionate about global economic development and health, and am intrigued by different cultures and languages. I have interned with a microfinance bank and worked to control cholera and domestic violence in the slums of Bangladesh, done research on food security in Germany, and am currently working as an intern for a nonprofit that seeks to defend the rights of workers in the Austin area. My minor is entitled, "Disease and Development in Latin America," and I hope to focus my research on Brazil. I am a down-to-earth person who loves to enjoy nature, make puns, learn the accordian, and make art. I think I would like to pursue a career in Tropical Medicine, but I am exploring other options. I am super excited to have a mentee, and I look forward to meeting you. Yes, you!!


John Flores

I am a junior Polymath majoring in Microbiology. After graduation, I hope to be accepted into an M.D./Ph.D dual degree program. For a career, I would like to divide my time between research and becoming a specialist in Infectious Diseases. For my Polymath minor, I am researching the field of "Biopsychosociology" which attempts to explain how emotions and social interactions affect a person’s well being. Aside from microbiology, I have an interest in psychology, genetics, stem cells, and human interactions. I am also involved in the UT branch of the American Society for Microbiology and I am a player for UT Rugby. I have an opinion on just about everything, from politics and video games to the environment and historical mysteries. When I have free time, I enjoy a good workout at Gregory Gym, catching a movie, exploring Austin, finding new balconies on campus to hangout on, and tormenting my friends with “Would you rather…” questions


Clarice Guan

I am a junior Polymath majoring in plant biology. When people ask me why I like plants so much, I usually reply with a bad pun and leaf it at that. After I graduate, I plan to continue my studies and develop a career in research. My minor is called “Ethnobotany” and focuses on the cultural relationships between humans and plants, from food and pharmacy to crafting and symbolism. Aside from my studies, I am also interested in writing and language. I am a TIP calculus tutor on the side as well as an avid writer, and I gladly offer my help in both areas because of my additional penchant for teaching. In my free time, I visit the Blanton Art Museum and makes occasional appearances at the university’s archery range.


Sruthi Kumpatla

Hey guys! I am a sophomore Polymath majoring in biochemsitry/pre-med. I plan on becoming a pediatrician and hope to spend sometime providing my services in rural areas. I am currently working in Dr. Anslyn's lab, Supramolecular Sensors, where they construct differential array sensors by testing it on wine varietals, which is another way of saying that I am helping construct "an electronic tongue". With my Polymathic minor, I plan on constructing a field of study that looks at cultural medicine and forms of meditation. Besides medicinal anthropology and research, I also have interests in the studies of sociology, cultural anthropology, and computer science. I'm also a member of the Polymathic Scholars Student Leadership Panel. In my free time I enjoy volunteering, drawing, playing ping-pong, crossing things off my Austin Bucket list (which is infinite), and eating mint ice cream. I am very excited about our new mentorship program and can't wait to find out who my mentee is!


Jeanette Lee

Hello, I am a rising junior at the University of Texas at Austin, and am studying Nutritional Sciences with an additional focus on the pre-pharmacy route as well as studying "The Science and Experience of Disabilities," through the Polymathic Scholars Program. I plan to attend pharmacy school after recieving my Bachelors of Science degree and hope to work within a clinical setting with a team of physicians and health care providers. My interests and hobbies include running half-marathons and marathons, playing sports, attending local concerts, exploring different cities across the country, and doing DIY projects. I hope to build relationships with other Polymathic Scholars in hopes of bringing different perspectives to the world around us.


Leticia Lee

I am going into my second year at UT as an Environmental Science major in the biology track. I haven’t quite decided on a field of study yet, but I am interested in history and will probably do something related to the history of science. In the future, I would like to go to graduate school and do research related to environmental issues. My hobbies include watching TV (I love Arrested Development), reading, volunteering, and gardening.


Zach Lineback

Hey, I am a junior Polymath majoring in Psychology while also pursuing a certificate in Core Texts and Ideas. After graduation, I plan on pursuing a Master's degree in couseling. One of my career goals is to become a counselor and help people struggling with depression find their path in life. I am an avid sports fan, and my minor is "Sports in America" where I am investigating why America loves sports so much and how sports have affected American culture and cultural ideals. I have many other interests including the history of Christianity, sociology and its relationship with psychology, and film and TV (especially superhero media). When not stuck studying, I love to find great places to eat in Austin, throw around a Frisbee, and volunteer through YoungLife at McNeil High School.


Ketty Loo

I am currently a senior Psychology, B.A., major. I plan to get a Master's degree in clinical psychology in Hong Kong after my graduation. My field, "Virtual Activism," focuses on the use of the Internet and social media platforms for social movements; the field bridges Communications, Sociology, and Journalism. When I am not working in the psychology lab, I like to paint, try new restaurants, play badminton, and practice aerial arts. My first language is Spanish, and I am conversant in Cantonese. 


Lina Mahmood

I am a junior Polymath with a major in Human Biology and Pre-med. I plan to apply to an MD/PHD program. As part of the Polymath program, I am exploring the field of "Medical Illustration" which integrates scientific and anatomical knowledge with visual and graphical art. In addition to having interest in the biological sciences, I am also interested in visual art, mainly drawing and painting, as well as art history and psychology. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering around Austin and taking random pictures around campus!


Douglas Mauldin

I am a third year Psychology B.A. Student in the College of Liberal Arts. I am employed as a research assistant in a cognition and language research lab on campus. I will go on to eventually obtain my PhD in psychology (specialization: unknown). I recently had my field of study, "Tribalism in Eastern Europe", approved, in which I will analyze the various ethnic groups and cultures found in the Eastern European region and how their interactions over time. I also enjoy anthropology (cultural, not physical), government, and debating social justice issues. Born and raised in the small town of Rockdale, Texas, moving to Austin was my first taste of city life. I fell in love with the city and will often ride the bus system around the city to explore. I enjoy running, reading, Mean Girls, soccer, dancing, music, Eurovision, and riding the escalators in McCombs. On campus, you can usually find me at the SAC, FAC, or in the lab in the SEA building.


Kasey Meyer

Hello, I am a Junior Psychology major. My field of study is "Collegiate Mental Health Reform," and I plan on becoming a clinical psychologist. I love music, eating around Austin and just generally being around people. Next year, I will work in the Children's Research Lab under Dr. Echols, and I will also be a returning FIG mentor. I am a laid-back and fun-loving person who loves to travel and am spending part of my summer abroad in Santander, Spain. I love to try new things and am looking forward to being a PS mentor this year.


Audrey Nguyen

I am a junior pursuing dual degrees in Philosophy and Biology, considering a focus in Plant Biology. After graduation I plan to serve with the Peace Corps, then travel for a year before returning to graduate school.

The approval of my field, "Astrobiology", is pending.

On campus, I: DJ with 91.7 KVRX, volunteer at the UT Micro Farm, am a member of the Polymathic Scholar Student Leadership Panel and Texas Spirits. I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, yoga, dance, reading, star gazing, and kayaking.

Transitioning from high school to college was more difficult than I expected; my first experiences on the 40 acres inspired me to help create the PS Mentoring Program in efforts to provide peer-support to incoming students. I hope to build a lasting relationship with my mentee through bi-monthly meetings: once for lunch/coffee on/near campus, once off campus, to explore the city! 


Pooja Parikh

I am currently a Junior who is majoring in Psychology, B.S., and am also on the pre-med track. After college, I hope to attend medical school. My field of interest is "Disease and Poverty" in India. I hope to be able to understand the origins of various tropical diseases along with understanding their impact on poverty in India. I love to dance and swim whenever I have some free time. If I am not in class, I will most likely be volunteering around the Austin community with organizations like Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) and HOPE Austin and with volunteering programs at the hospitals.


Katie Phung

Hi guys! I'm a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience, but I'm also looking into Computer Science. I haven't decided on a field yet, but current ideas are molecular animation, spoken word, herbal medicine, or comparing education systems around the world. My future plans are probably in the medical field, but I am also looking into molecular animation as a career. I love the arts and humanities, and I am open to trying new things. In my spare time, I'm usually listening or writing poetry with Spit Shine Poetry Club, drawing or painting, discussing literature and philosophical questions with friends, playing Dota 2 and other video games, jogging or biking and exploring the foods and sites of Austin. I'm currently in the Polymath Leadership Panel, Spit Shine Poetry, Asian Health Professions, and Koinonia. Looking forward to meeting you guys!


Ann Ray

I am a senior Microbiology major. I am planning on applying to graduate school to pursue a career in research in the same field. I have previous experience in microbiology research through the Freshman Research Initiative, which I love and have been a part of for three semesters. Through Polymathic Scholars, I am studying "The Sociology of Public Health" in which I will investigate reasons for vaccine resistance across the globe. I am also a TIP Mentor with one year of previous mentoring experience. When I am not studying, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and the good eats in Austin.


Aspen Riser

I am a senior double majoring in Public Health and Psychology with a minor in Biology with a concentration in Behavioral and Social Sciences. I currently participate in Best Buddies, Texas Public Health, and am the President of Kappa Rho Pre-Med Honor Society. Through my Polymathic Capstone proposal, I get to learn about other cultures in my field of study entitled, "Gender in Contemporary World Religions." In this study, I explore the diverse religions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, yoga, dancing and bowling. I aspire to be a pediatric surgeon and use my knowledge about other cultures by participating in Doctors Without Borders.


Lorenzo Santos

Hey, I am a junior Polymath majoring in Neuroscience and Pre-med. After graduation, I plan on attending medical school to specialize in Neurology. Im a student coordinator at the C.D. Doyle Clinic, a student run organization providing free clinics to the Ausin community with no health insurance. I also worked in a research lab that focuses on the eradication of triple-negative breast cancer. My minor, "Public Health and Epidemiology in Latin America," focuses on the causes and characteristics of neglected diseases in Latin countries. I hope to end its spread by developing stopgap remedies that revolve around the central theme of long-term prevention. Thus far, I have traveled to Mexico, Guatemala and Panama. I plan to visit the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Argentina during my remaining years at UT. During my free time, I enjoy exploring Austin and attending numerous concerts and music festivals around the US. 


Aubrey Trapp

Hey guys, I am a junior Polymath completing a B.S. in Biochemistry. While I am excited by science, I am also intrigued by the power of government. I am investigating "The Philosophy of Justice" to study political theory and how it relates to established governing systems. I want to pursue a career in public health research or health policy. I am involved as a mentor/researcher for the Synthesis and Biological Recognition Stream, and I am completing the Core Texts and Ideas certificate. When I'm not in class, I am usually guarding lives at Deep Eddy Pool. I also enjoy catching up with friends, baking, swimming, and Netflix watching.


Celia Valles

I am a second-year Biochemistry major with aspirations to go to medical school. While I was born in Laredo, Texas, I consider my hometown to be San Antonio and try to visit home often. Although I have not yet proposed a field, I have been brainstorming ideas centered around literature and ancient medicine. I'm a member of the Polymathic Scholars Student Leadership Panel, am involved in Global Medical Brigades, am a FIG mentor, and play guitar in the UT mariachi, Mariachi Paredes (I've been a mariachera for 8 years now and have loved every moment). I also enjoy volunteering, sewing, reading, playing the ukulele, and listening to live music.


Jing Yi (Helen) Wang

Hello, I am a senior BSA Biology major, and I plan to go to medical school after graduation. I currently work in a lab at UT that studies protist ecosystems. I'm also involved in several student organizations, including Asian American Culture, Global Medical Brigades and Texas Ballroom. My Polymath field of study is “Prostitution and Sexual Trafficking.” With this minor, I hopes to study societal views on willing prostitution and forced sexual trafficking and how these views influence current laws on prostitution and sexual trafficking in developed countries. My hobbies include drawing, painting and ballroom dancing. Outside of my usual science classes, I am also interested in and have taken classes in art, art history and literature. In my spare time, I love baking, eating and shopping.


Kasey Meyer

Hello, I am a Junior Psychology major. My field of study is "Collegiate Mental Health Reform," and I plan on becoming a clinical psychologist. I love music, eating around Austin and just generally being around people. Next year, I work in the Children's Research Lab under Dr. Echols, and I am also a returning FIG mentor. I am a laid-back and fun-loving person who loves to travel, and am spending part of my summer abroad in Santander, Spain. I love to try new things, and I am looking forward to being a PS mentor this year.


Imran Zafar

I am a Junior Polymathic Scholar majoring in Chemistry and the author of the field "The Empowered Nonprofit", a field through which I hope to explore the various gaps that exist between nonprofit organizations and the public's perception of them. I am involved with an nonprofit on-campus organization called Camp Kesem which organizes a week long summer camp for kids whose parents have been affected by cancer - an effort I really admire. I have aspirations of either entering the medical field or pursuing graduate school. I have spent a considerable amount of time working on a drug-discovery project as part of the VDS stream of the FRI, have served as a learning assistant for Dr. Vandenbout's General Chemistry sections, and am also a tutor with the RHSG program on campus. I spent a semester rowing with Texas Crew and generally enjoy activities on the water, in addition to playing frisbee and running.


Nicole Zarate

I am a sophomore Polymath majoring in Biology, however I am considering changing to Neuroscience in the upcoming year. After completing my undergraduate career, I plan on attending graduate school to continue pursuing my interest in disease research. My academic interests include the connection between music and cognition, history, calculus, and the plausibility of the zombie apocalypse actually happening. I enjoy scrounging the internet for Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and other funny gifs/pictures. I am fluent in movie quotes, and I devour books in my free time. 


Madhushree Zope

I am a junior Polymath and Biochemistry major. My field of study focuses on the differing philosophies and socioeconomics behind Eastern and Western Medicine. I plan on attending medical school after graduating. I am interested in global healthcare, philanthropy in developing countries, and translational medicine. When I am not researching in the lab, you can find me exploring the food scene in Austin or at a performance at the Butler School of Music. I also enjoy playing contemporary music on the violin and piano. I look forward to being a Polymath Mentor and meeting you all next semester!