The CNS Honors Center provides Linked Experience scholarships for Polymathic Scholars interested in research, internships, studying abroad, and conferences or events related to their field of interest in the program.

Research scholarships are intended to help students participate in the creation of knowledge, whether in a chemistry laboratory on campus, a privately run think tank in Washington D.C., or an archeological dig for Caddo artifacts in central Texas.

Internship scholarships are designed to foster connections between the student and organizations on and off campus, including those based outside Austin.

Study abroad scholarships are designed to assist with the cost of travel to areas where the student has identified a course or program of study outside the U.S. that’s related to his or her field of study in PS.

Conference or special event scholarships are available for students who wish to attend a conference or event related to their PS field of study.

Scholarships are restricted to current Polymaths seeking a degree in the College of Natural Sciences. Priority will be given to those who have completed their field of study proposal.

With the program’s help, Polymaths have worked at women’s shelters in Russia and London, interned at hospitals in Mexico and Chile, studied health care policy in Denmark and conflict resolution in Israel, taken music lessons in Ghana, and attended the Student Symposium at the Telluride Film Festival. Closer to home, Polymaths have received scholarships to conduct research on speed-dating, to investigate the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics, and, during a summer-long internship with the University Police Department, to experience what it’s like to be Tasered. (It hurts.)

CNS Linked Experience scholarship applications for activities between the dates of May 2015 and August 2016 are now being accepted here. Applications must be accompanied by a Notice of Position and are due by 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 10.