Participation in Polymathic Scholars, which continues throughout an undergraduate’s career at UT, offers a number of important advantages.

Unique Fields of Study

Polymathic Scholars want to get more than a major from UT Austin. They want to distinguish themselves by designing, with faculty guidance, a unique field of study and curriculum–an endeavor that honors their own curiosity and intellectual energy, and that doesn’t delay graduation. Check out our student-authored fields to see the interests that many Polymaths past and present have pursued.

Academics and Research

From their first semester to their last, Polymaths meet regularly in small groups with some of the university’s most gifted teachers and researchers. They also enjoy access to select honors courses and academic consultants on staff, and receive extensive instruction in advanced research methods, writing, and public speaking. In the senior-level Capstone course, Polymaths develop research projects in their field of study and submit a written summary of their work for publication.


Polymathic Scholars creates a small college atmosphere within a major research university.  Polymaths take honors classes together and attend special academic and social events. Polymaths who wish to assume leadership roles within the program may apply to join the Student Panel, a 10-person body that organizes events for the entire community.

kopp-iversonAssociate Dean Sacha Kopp and Polymathic Scholars Faculty co-Chair Brent Iverson discuss the sometimes unpredictable payoffs of scientific research with 1st-year Polymaths.