The primary means of support for all Plant Biology PhD students is either a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Graduate Research Assistant (RA). With the salary supplement The Department of Integrative Biology provides, the annual pay rate for pre-candidacy graduate students is $25,000 ($2083 per month), and $26,000 ($2166 per month) for post-candidacy graduate students. Appointments are from September 1 - January 15 for the fall, January 16 - May 31 for the spring, and June 1 - August 31 for summer, with no break in pay.  This salary is highly competitive with our peer institutions, many of which are in locations with much higher costs of living.  The guaranteed support is for 5 years.

For Plant Biology MA students, the TA stipend is $2000.00 per month, with a 9-month salary of $18,000.  TA appointments are from September 1 - January 15 for the fall, January 16 - May 31 for the spring, with no break in pay. The guaranteed support is for 2 years.


Plant Biology each year nominates students for University Fellowships. The fellowships cover your monthly stipend, full tuition and student health insurance.

The Plant Biology Graduate Program holds endowments for fellowships to support student summer fellowships, research and travel.  These are awarded each spring.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for 9 semester hours is $4175 for Texas residents and $8227 for nonresidents (2014-2015). Graduate students with a 20-hour TA or RA appointment pay resident tuition, as well as students with full fellowships. TA's also receive a tuition remission of $3784, which is applied directly to the fee bill.  After the tuition assistance is applied, the Department of Integrative Biology will cover the remaining portion for full-time PhD students.

Health Benefits

The University of Texas provides excellent health insurance for its employees, incuding Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants. The University pays for about half the cost for dependents, who may be added to the staff insurance. The Student Health Center on campus provides general medical care (e.g., outpatient visit, travel vaccinations) for free or for a nominal fee. Those students on fellowship will be eligible for the student health insurance plan, which is a gold standard plan.