Dear Students,

It is time to start thinking seriously about courses in the spring. As I am a bit under the weather this morning, I will keep it short. 

Make sure you are being thoughtful about what you want to take as you plan out your spring. The College works very hard to make sure we are offering all the courses that students need to progress in their degrees. However, we can't have everything be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also can't have every class start at your idea of "prime time." 

Students often make very limited plans that involve having this one particular faculty member at this one particular time. Keep in mind that we have a wide array of amazing faculty, many of whom you might not have heard of. So I would suggest optimizing your schedule for what you really need rather than trying desperately to find the perfect match. In the end, you may make some amazing new discoveries (like how much you can get done in a day when you start classes at 8 a.m.). 


Dr. Vanden Bout