Dear CNS Students, 

Here we are, nearly at the end of the semester and the year. You made it through courses, transitions, technological snafus and all the rest. It's been tough. Whether you are graduating this month (congratulations!) or completing your first semester at UT (well done!), you have accomplished something important by reaching a finishing line. 

Just as this is a good time to congratulate yourself, it's a great time to carve out a plan for getting yourself some rest. When the last assignment is turned in or the last final completed, take time off from thinking about school. Step back from technology. Your mind and body need rest. In times of stress and anxiety like what we're living through, they need it more than usual. 

So make this winter break true to the name break. That way, you'll feel better going into a new year.


Dr. Vanden Bout 

Joke: Why are obtuse angles always depressed? Because they're never right.