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From the College of Natural Sciences

Working Safely through the Fall

​The dean and fellow members of the College Leadership Team alerted staff about plans for working in the College of Natural Sciences through the rest of 2020.

At the end of June, UT announced its Fall 2020 Reopening Plans, including efforts to minimize density on campus by having many staff continue to work remotely through the end of the calendar year. The College of Natural Sciences encourages staff members who are able to perform their job functions remotely to continue do so through the remainder of 2020, in consultation with supervisors.

Working remotely, if you can, remains important and a way of protecting staff members whose jobs truly require their presence on site.

Should your job duties ever require your coming to campus, we want to make you aware of processes in place now in the College. Please note, if you are research staff, the research restart process still dictates whether you may come to campus to work. The process below aims to address concerns of non-research staff in CNS.

UT is currently developing a tool and training modules for all whose work necessitates their being on campus. In the meantime, while remote work is encouraged, the following three steps are necessary when you and your supervisor agree you should come to campus for work.

1. Secure your supervisor's approval to work on campus. Because you will need to indicate that you have supervisor approval to be on site, please remember this step first.

2. Report on your health daily before coming to campus. All employees coming to campus must perform a daily symptom assessment. Each day that you plan to work on site, and before coming to campus, attest to your health by completing the online CNS Health Attestation Form. (Note: This form will be replaced in August by the Protect Texas Together app).

The attestation report asks if you have experienced specific COVID-19 related symptoms and will let you know if you are cleared to work. Your manager will receive an email in the event that you are not cleared to work that day. You are required to submit the attestation only on days you plan to work on campus, including weekends (though, of course, monitoring your health daily is a good practice, too!). Remember, the form is required each day you come in. You will risk losing access to the building if you ignore it.

3. Once you are cleared to work on site, follow all safety guidelines. The Protect Texas Together website has guidelines to ensure you and your coworkers are helping to maintain a safe and healthy community. Remember:

  • Wearing a cloth face mask at all times when inside university buildings is mandatory, except when alone in a private office or on reasonable breaks to eat and drink with social distancing. Mask-wearing is also encouraged outside.
  • Keep up social distancing (at least 6 feet from others). Limit the number of people in shared spaces, including rest rooms and elevators.
  • Continue practicing hand hygiene. Wash your hands often and for a minimum of 20 seconds.

We appreciate your continued hard work in the College of Natural Sciences and your attention to ways you can help to keep the college community safe throughout the months to come.

Paul M. Goldbart, Dean, College of Natural Sciences
Melissa Taylor, Assistant Dean, Strategy and Planning
Dean Appling, Associate Dean, Research and Facilities
Maureen Hahn, Director, Human Resources
Ricardo Medina, Assistant Dean, Business Services

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