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Where Longhorns Share

Where Longhorns Share

Dear Students,

This week I am using this space to tell you about a great new program that I recently learned about. I'd like all CNS students to know about it and consider participating. It's the Longhorn SHARE Project. This is a student-led peer support program that creates spaces for students to talk about life experiences, give and receive support and help each other navigate difficult situations.

The Longhorn SHARE Project offers several ways to connect. There are SHARE communities, which are groups that meet regularly, focusing on a particular theme. Each group is led by a SHARE support specialist—a fellow student who has completed training in active listening, motivational interviewing, group facilitation and more. There are drop-in hours where you can meet individually with a SHARE support specialist. SHARE support specialists also run SHARE Circles with student groups, like classes or orgs, to help group members connect with each other or process a difficult experience.

Opportunities to participate are open to you. And if you are interested in making a positive impact on mental health and social connection at UT, consider applying to become a SHARE Support Specialist. You'll earn course credit and an Ethics flag while learning to create and facilitate non-clinical spaces for mutual support and authentic connection around peers' shared experiences, identities or struggles. Get training in active listening, motivational interviewing techniques, group facilitation, Mental Health First Aid and more! It's open to anyone with at least three semesters remaining at UT. Apply online by Friday, October 28th! Email Adrian Lancaster with questions.

Dr. Drew

Joke: Three senior astronomers are reminiscing about the old days. One says, "When I first started, we had to store the data on tapes! "The second says, "When I was getting started, we still used photographic plates!" The third says, "Bah! When I was a student, the Cosmic Background wasn't Microwave yet!"

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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