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What Will Your Life Look Like?

What Will Your Life Look Like?

Opportunities abound for you to be as successful as our great faculty. 

Dear Students,

An unexpected lesson I had in college was seeing how others lived their lives. I had the pleasure of periodically conversing with a history professor at one of the campus coffee shops, seeing a biology faculty play cello with our university orchestra, and encounter a favorite rhetoric professor in line at a downtown movie theater. To this day, I read history for recreation, enjoy going to films good and bad, singing in a small choir, and sharing music with my family. Seeing how these mentors balanced their interests reinforced for me that life had numerous creative joys ahead.

This is a week to celebrate our faculty. Professor Kristen Graumann (Computer Science) was the recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering and will visit the White House to be congratulated by President Obama. Professor Alan Bard (Chemistry) was the recipient of the prestigious Enrico Fermi Award. Professor Peter Stone was featured on National Public Radio for his work on artificial intelligence and developing robots which can manage the complex decisions of playing soccer. And the college welcomes Professor Taft Armandroff as the new director of the McDonald Observatory. Across the college, you'll find creative thinkers and leaders.

The faculty and advisors around you are creative in many ways, playing with the UT ultimate frisbee team, volunteering in a local middle school for girls teaching about health, coaching neighborhood soccer teams, volunteering at a local food bank, and more. I'm not suggesting a scavenger hunt to find out who, merely the thought that some of the important conversations you may have include integrating work and life and exercising creativity across a range of opportunities. And of course the conversation is valuable to have with alumni, friends of parents, and others you encounter.

We often hear of the importance of seeking role models. I never realized I was doing it, but looking back it was happening all along. With curiosity and interest in others, we may be fortunate to find that we ourselves are shaped by others' noble, humorous, or inspiring examples.

Best wishes for the coming week,
Dr. Kopp

PS: This week is the SPRING 2014 CAREER FAIR Jan. 30, 1-6pm in the Frank Erwin Center. All UT Austin students and alumni are welcome to attend (UT Austin ID required for admittance). There will be shuttle bus service to the Frank Erwin Center every 15 min departing from 21st in front of the Littlefield Fountain and from 23rd & San Jacinto in front of the stadium. Required dress is business casual (see Dress Recommendations). The Career Design Center has prepared tips on Making the Most of the Career Fair. It's also suggested you research the Spring 2014 Career Fair Employers who will be there. Our Career Fair Prep Tent will offer you the chance to talk to career coaches before you get in front of employers, get help with your elevator pitch, practice your handshake, and answer any questions that can help ease you into the career fair experience. Mirrors, tissues, water, and other products will also be on hand!

PPS: Each week I let you know about important deadlines, career opportunities, scholarships, and opportunities. Check out this week's deadlines here at this link.

PPPS: a not-so-good joke for the coming Valentine's Day. An science student asks a nice gal out to the school dance. He goes to the florist to order a corsage, and waits through a long line to pick one. He next heads of to the tux rental store, and again waits in line, this time over an hour. He wants to have a very nice dinner, and at his favorite restaurant has to wait over 30 min to make a reservation. He even wants his car to be clean, but at the car wash he was to wait in line 50 min to have his car done. Finally the big night arrives, and he picks up his date, they have a nice dinner, she enjoys the corsage, and they are enjoying each other's company at the dance. She asks him to get her a glass of punch, and he goes over to the punch table, but there was no punch line.

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