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From the College of Natural Sciences
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What Brings Us Together‏

What Brings Us Together‏

What difference will you make? 

Dear students,

One of my favorite memories of college was helping start a student organization. Focused on hunger, our group was a local charter of a national organization. We felt the urgency around us, as our school was nestled in a large urban area with significant poverty and underemployment. It was gratifying to share information with our peers, even bringing them a panel of experts such as economists from our school and our local US Congressman. Besides a personal commitment to the topic of hunger, I relished the opportunity to work on projects with my peers, to get to know others who asked similar questions, and the pride of contributing to the broader community of my school.

Here at UT you likewise have the opportunity to explore your interests, meet people with similar goals, and contribute to broader needs within the community through student organizations on campus. Over 50 student organizations are connected with the College of Natural Sciences, which you can learn about here. Our director of student life and organizations is Elizabeth Morgan, and she located in PAI 5.56. Learn more about opportunities for you to connect, serve and grow.

Best wishes for the coming week, and welcome back to campus. I hope your break was restful.

-- Dr. Kopp

PS: Each week I let you know about important deadlines, career opportunities, scholarships, and opportunities. Check out this week's deadlines here at this link.

PPS: This last week was the 25th anniversary of the world wide web, proposed by physicist Tim Berners-Lee as a tool for sharing information amongst particle physics researchers. Fermilab, where I was a grad student, built the second web site in the US. In your lifetime, the WWW changed how all of society shares information, collaborates, and supports relationships worldwide. It's interesting to hear naysayers and prognosticators who worry about how the web has affected human relationships. In my view, you all enjoy opportunities to connect with each other that students of my generation would have relished. Happy anniversary to the WWW.

PPPS: A physicist decides to cryofreeze his terminally ill cat until a cure can be found. His friends express their worry about harming the cat by freezing it to -273 Celcius. He says, "don't worry, he'll be 0K." On another note, I've decided that while most puns make me feel numb, math puns make me feel number...

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Monday, 17 January 2022

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