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From the College of Natural Sciences
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Welcome to Spring, 2011

Welcome to Spring, 2011
A Message from College of Natural Sciences Advising:

Welcome to the Spring 2011 semester. Please review the following information to make sure that your semester gets off to a great start.


For non-academic concerns, contact a counselor in the CNS Dean's office, WCH 1.106, 512-471-4536, as soon as possible. DO NOT WAIT until the end of the semester. If you make this contact after the deadline date for Q/F drops, the CNS counselors will be specifically reviewing for emergency concerns happening after the drop deadline.

For academic questions contact your assigned advisor. Advisor assignments are  made during the first week of class and should be completed soon. You may verify your advisor assignment by going to the CNS student services web site.

If you cannot find an advisor assignment, contact the CNS Dean's Office, WCH 1.106, 512-471-4536.


Concurrent enrollment refers to being simultaneously enrolled at UT-Austin and another educational institution or UT Extension. The College of Natural Sciences permits concurrent enrollment with certain restrictions. Math or science courses cannot be taken concurrently and counted toward a degree unless specifically approved in advance by the college. Students must see their academic advisor for detailed information and to petition for approval.


If you have less than a 2.0 GPA, you have been placed on scholastic probation by The University.  With the exception of the summer session, you must do a CNS Grade Contract every semester that you have less than a 2.0 GPA and are enrolled in the College of Natural Sciences. CNS Grade Contracts are available at the beginning of the semester and are to be submitted on later than the fifth class day.


No student may enroll in any course offered in the College of Natural Sciences more than twice, even if it is needed to meet degree requirements, without first obtaining written consent of her/his major advisor and from the department offering the course.  A symbol of Q counts as an enrollment unless the Q was approved by the CNS Appeals Committee in the Dean's office for non-academic reasons. Some departments in the College of Natural Sciences may have additional requirements for students who repeat courses. To appeal to repeat a course, go to: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/ns/ .


A minimum of 30 hours of completed college work is required to take a class on a pass/fail basis.  A class taken pass/fail will be used ONLY as an elective.  It may NOT be used for any specific requirement or option for your major or degree unless that course is only offered on a pass/fail basis. If you pass, a grade of CR will be on your record. If you fail, an F will be on your record.


Deadlines are published each semester in the Course Schedule http://www.utexas.edu/student/registrar/schedules/ It is your responsibility to be aware of these deadlines.

Q - indicates that a course is dropped without academic penalty. (a grade of Q will be on the transcript)

W - withdrawal from The University; drops ALL courses for a semester.(A grade of W will be on your transcript.) Withdrawal is through the CNS Dean's Office and cannot be processed through ROSE.

Nonacademic Q drops or withdrawals - through the CNS Dean's Office. Examples are documented illness or death in the family.


Each major has an academic advisor available through the Advising Centers.  If you have an advising bar, you may be required to see an Advisor.


Get and use a UT e-mail address; it is free to UT students. E-mail is an official means for The University of Texas to communicate with students. To claim your e-mail address go to: http://www.utexas.edu/its/umbs/answers/steps.html

It is your responsibility to regulary read e-mails sent to you by The University, the College, and your academic advisor.  If you use a different e-mail server, the UT e-mails may be treated as spam. CNS Alerts will be sent to the email address on file with the Registrar; check regularly.  Keep your information updated at http://www.utexas.edu/student/registrar/rose/

Go to https://utdirect.utexas.edu/ns/ to review and complete your CNS Advising Worksheet; this needs to be done each semester prior to pre-registration or before seeing your advisor for an advising bar.

Go to https://utdirect.utexas.edu for your own UT homepage!


    • First Year Advising Center -- WCH 1.106, 471-3796


    • Transitional Advising Center (Students in Transition) -- WCH 1.106, 471-3796


    • Biological Sciences (Biology, Clinical Laboratory Science) -- PAI 1.13, 471-4920


    • Chemistry/Biochemistry -- WEL 2.216, 471-3097


    • Computer Sciences -- PAI 5.60, 471-9509


    • Health Professions Office -- PAI 5.03, 471-3172


    • Human Ecology  (Human Ecology, HFDS, Nutrition, Textiles & Apparel) -- GEA 37, 471-7219


    • Mathematics/Physics/Astronomy -- RLM 4.101, 471-0900


    • UTeach -- PAI 4.02, 232-2770


    • Student Division, Dean's Office -- WCH 1.106, 471-4536

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