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From the College of Natural Sciences

Welcome Back

​Dear Students, 

My name is David Vanden Bout. As many of you know, I am the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the College of Natural Sciences. 

Welcome to a new academic year! We are now into the first full week of classes and I hope that everyone is getting into their routine of studying. Nothing will help you more in your classes than regular work and practice. Don't wait until the first exam. Study every day. Make it a regular part of your day, freshman and seniors alike. 

A couple of quick events to highlight: 

  • For everyone (especially freshman looking to learn more about campus), check out Party on the Plaza, this Wednesday, 9/2/15. Learn about Rec Sports along with a wide array of student organizations. 
  • For our juniors and seniors, the Fall Technology and Science Career Fair is just around the corner, on 9/21/15. Check out the details about this and events leading up to it on the CNS Career Services Events Page

Best wishes for the coming week and year ahead, 

Dr. Vanden Bout 

P.S. This year we are making a few changes to my weekly emails (you can see from the fancy new format you got in your inbox). Part of the email will be my weekly message, where I pass on ideas, stories, tips, and advice and hopefully don't ramble too much. In addition, the email will incorporate links to upcoming events and announcements in the life of the college, beyond what I provide here. Be sure to open your weekly email from me!

P.P.S. Follow me on Twitter @StudentDeanCNS

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Guest - janet on Saturday, 05 September 2015 13:37

thank you

thank you
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